Review for Snapdragon

Review for Snapdragon

Snapdragon,Inside of Book, Graphic Novel, Kat Leyh, Children's Book, Magic, Fantasy, Family, LGBT, Witches, Animals, Growing Up, DogsWitches, dogs, ghosts, family, and more. A wonderful and fun graphic novel that I would highly recommend.

OH MY GOSH guys this was just the cutest and most fun graphic novel I have read in a while (not counting my rereads). I will be trying to write a review but I am still very much fangirling that I am not sure if it works. 😛

Snapdragon is such a wonderful character, strong, isn’t afraid to tell someone a piece of their mind, helps out others, and is dedicated to learning things. In this one she learns so much. Like caring for a couple of cuties, magic (and her own brand of it), how skeletons and anatomy works. I just love how eager she is, she is like a sponge and soaks it all up.
Her home situation isn’t always the best with her mom working strange times and her being alone quite a bit due to that, but she stays happy and energetic and I loved her relationship with her mom and her family (who we see later on).

Jacks (Jack?) was amazing character! I love how outside she was all in costume, but inside she just wore what she wanted (like fun and comfy shirts and (urghh) crocs). I loved that she was at first a bit hesitant with Snap, but that they quickly became the best of friends. I loved that she taught Snap magic (even reading a book on how to teach). She was just the best character. Plus, later we find a lot of things out about her that connects to Snap again and that just had me squeeing in pure delight.

I LOVE Lu (Lulu). Should I call her she? I guess I will. Lulu is still very boyish when we first meet her but as the book continues and Snapdragon motivates and encourages her (and even gives her a skirt that was one of her mom) she turns more and more girly. I loved seeing that transformation. Plus, I love what Snap did for her. That is just the sweetest. I loved that Snap’s mom was totally approving of it and that apparently Lulu’s family was also OK with it. That made me so happy as I am sure it is not easy to come out like this. You just have to hope that everyone accepts you. And while some people say mean things, most people seem to be OK with it.

I adore that Snap’s dragon is working at the firebrigade/firestation. That is such an amazing job and it was a delight to find out. Plus she is also working hard on earning a degree to get a better job.

The art is just the best. I love the colours, the style. Everything. The characters look so vibrant and fun.

The ending, it was just cute and fun and wonderful and ARGGHH dies of how super it was.

I would highly recommend this book to all.

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