Review for Tabi to Gohan to Shuumatsu Sekai Vol.1

Review for Tabi to Gohan to Shuumatsu Sekai Vol.1

Fuminonagi, Tabi to Gohan to Shuumatsu Sekai, Maid, Townclock, Dog, Robot, Post-Apocalypse, Manga, Slice of Life, Travelling, Food, Sci-fiFood and cooking, travelling a world, sounds good right? Add to that a post-apocalyptic world.

While I am not really that much in the mood for post-apocalypse stories due to the whole situation now, but this one sounded like one I couldn’t resist. I am very glad that I picked this one up because it was absolutely stunning and beautiful. Though there were moments that I had to cry a bit due to the things we saw.

After reading this volume I can say it felt like Kino no Tabi (girl + talking companion + guns) with Dungeon Meshi (good food, so much food) with a bitof Chikyuu no Houkago (world wiped out but preserved pretty well and no/not a lot of humans left though no aliens). All 3 manga that I definitely like reading.

Meet Suoh, a robot/android girl who is on a quest to find her master. The one who created her. The one she had a good life with until the day he put her to sleep. It wasn’t until Mute, her companion and giant dog (with some prosthetics that look creepy) woke her up that she came to in this world. Now she wants to find her master and I just loved that she wasn’t afraid that her journey make take her to scary and new places. She was brave, cheerful, I loved her personality, and I loved how independent she was.

Throughout her journey she finds places to stay, towns that are overrun and derelict, she meets people (yes, despite the world being pretty much gone there are still people left), and she finds new ways to make yummy food for her companion. Yes, she is a robot/android but she needs food as well. I loved her travels and seeing what she encountered on her travels. It was really beautifully drawn and it will just suck you into the world.

We don’t know exactly what happened to this world but as Suoh travels we see hints to what may have happened. Like the gasmasks at the school, the dead body they first encounter, the new animals, and other things. I loved that it was subtly done, though of course I am curious as hell what happened and I hope that in later parts we see more of it.

And there are also big hints to what happened to Suoh’s master, the professor. Oh man, if that is true what I think may have happened… that is going to be a big shock for Suoh.

I loved seeing Suoh cook, my oh my she has talent to make yummy food that had me drooling and wishing I could pop in the manga to eat along with the meal. I loved that the author tells us in quite a bit of detail (but not too much) how Suoh cooks and what she uses. One could easily try their hand at making the same if they wanted.

The art is gorgeous. I love the character designs (not just from Suoh and Mute, but also from others) and the backgrounds, oh man those are just so pretty.

I would highly recommend this manga and I can’t wait for the next volume. I want more!

Star rating, 5 stars

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