Review for The Case of the Drowned Pearl

Review for The Case of the Drowned Pearl

The Case of the Drowned Pearl, Robin Stevens, Swimming Suits, Holidays, Murder, Mystery, Murder Most Unladylike, Blue, Friendship, Girls, Young AdultThe girls are out to the beach for a fun vacation… or well, more as a cover for Daisy’s aunt and uncle. Teehee, I loved that they took the girls, and their friends of Pinkerton, with them to the beach.

I was so delighted that this book came out for World Book Day and that I was able to find it on Amazon (not the easiest). It is a short book but has plenty of fun and mystery to fill my A Murder Most Unladylike need. I cannot wait for the next full read.

We have two POVs, Daisy and Hazel both get a say in this one. As I said about another book which also had Dual POV… I am a fan of Daisy as long as I don’t have to read her POV. She is already a tad bit too egotistical for my liking and thinks she is the world and has quite a bit of critique on everyone. That is normally doable… but in a POV that just stands out so much and I was eagerly looking forward to each Hazel POV as I just love how sweet and kind Hazel is. The girl is a saint for being with a girl who both wants to protect her and wants to be better than her and isn’t afraid to tell her this. Don’t get me wrong, Daisy is amazing but she needs to learn to be a bit less I I I I and be a bit more acceptable about things.

In this one our girls are off to the beach. Hazel is looking forward to it, and while I haven’t been to England beaches… I know how the beaches here are (and England is just across the pond) and so I just wanted to reach out and tell her that she may be in for a culture shock. You are in England girl, the beaches aren’t going to be white and shiny and warm and fluffy. 😛

And of course there is the mystery, another murder! These girls just attract it to them it seems. We also have the Pinkerton boys again and I loved that they were there as well. I was curious to see who would win this case and who would have the most information. Of course, rooting for my girls. I cannot help it. I love the boys, but nothing can beat the girls. The mystery was well written and I had fun trying to figure out the whodunnit and the whys. I have to say I had quite a few suspects but none of them were the right one. Darnit!

All in all, I had so so much fun reading this one and I would highly recommend it. If you can get this book (not sure if it is still easily findable) be sure to buy it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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