Review for The Final Babysitter: A Horror Short

Review for The Final Babysitter: A Horror Short

The Final Babysitter: A Horror Short, Abe Moss, House, Forest, Red Letters, Horror, Babysitters, Monsters, Short Story, Spooky, Creepy, BabysitterA babysitter, a house far away from everything, forest everywhere, and a kid that says some weird things. Oh yes!

I was promoting the Cover Reveal for Soul’s Day when I spotted the link for my post that featured free horror books. I checked it out and my eyes instantly fell on this one. I just adore horror stories featuring babysitters (though I have to say they terrified the f*ck out of me when I was still a babysitter myself).

I love that this one is about a 19-year old girl instead of many stories featuring 14-17 year olds.
She is in college and loves babysitting. I can imagine that she would go for this job, she needs the money and 250 dollar… well I would probably say no to that as I wouldn’t trust it. I never ever gotten that much money for babysitting, so I would instantly be suspicious. There must be a catch somewhere.

The babysitting job was pretty normal, kid that was stand-offish, doing some chill homework. But then the kid starts saying some creepy stuff… whispering about things to do with the full moon, and that no one will remember her. Oh boy. I knew creepy stuff would go down but now the question was…. what is this family? Werewolves? Vampires? Goblins? Other monsters that liked to nomnom on human flesh? I won’t spoil anything, but I definitely hadn’t expected THAT to appear. I loved it, it was hideous and creepy. I was rooting for our girl to fight, to fight hard and to win even harder. I rooted for her to not end up another meal.

One thing I absolutely loved and something that ALL horror characters could learn from… our girl notices early on that her phone only has limited battery life left and proceeds to grab the charger from her car and CHARGES it. OMG. When we learned about her low battery life I thought oh no here we go again. She probably forgot the charger… or she forgets to charge, and we all know that when it gets to the ending… she cannot call for help then. But this girl. This girl just fixed that. Thank heavens.

The ending…mmm I would have loved an epilogue. I really enjoyed how it ended, but I think I would like a bit more closure and a bit more information on the monsters.

But all in all, boy this was fantastic. It is short but has a complete story and you will be on the edge of your seat as things get creepier and creepier. I would recommend it to all looking for a horror story.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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