Review for The Sasquatch and the Lumberjack: Family

Review for The Sasquatch and the Lumberjack: Family

The Sasquatch and the Lumberjack: Family, Crix Sheridan, Lumberjack, Human, Picture Book, Yeti, Blue, Photographs, Family, Fun, Cute, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This book just looked so much fun and I love a book about sasquatches (is that the right word?). My request was granted quite soon after I requested it (see, publishers if they can do it anyone can, no need to wait months) and I decided to just sneak a peek at a few pages… instead I ended up reading the whole book, which turned out to be quite short and very engaging.

It also helped that there were almost no words in the book, just names of the family. Yep, this book consists of gorgeous and fun illustrations featuring the families of our sasquatch and the lumberjack. I loved seeing all the family members and I had even more fun seeing them all have such a great time together. Often lumberjacks and sasquatches aren’t happy with each other, but it seems in this one they are one big family. Each one accepting the other.

As I said, I just loved the art style, it was fun and playful. I loved all the colours that were used.

All in all, I now definitely need the other book as well as I am curious how they got to be such a family. How did this all start out? I would also recommend this book to all.

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