Review for You’re the Hero: Jungle Adventure

Review for You’re the Hero: Jungle Adventure

Green, animals, plants, binoculars, You're the Hero: Jungle Adventure, Jungle, Adventure, Children's Books, Choose Your Own Adventure, Choices, Picture Books, Lily Murray, Essi KimpimäkiI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The second book in this series (or well the second book I am reading) and this time we are going on a crazy and fun adventure in the jungle! Last time we were pirates, now we are adventurers! Explorers of the great unknown! Yes!

I was so excited to see this book, I just got confirmation on the pirate book and thought I would also request this book. I got accepted, yay, and here we are with a brand-new adventure. Just like the last time we can pick various choices spread in front of us on two pages. From who you want to be, to picking the way you want to travel (with some insane and delightful options), to well everything. The possibilities are huge. There is a ton of diversity which makes me happy. You can even be animals!

Like the previous book I will tell you what I picked/how my story went. For this story I picked a very sweet looking snake as my hero and dressed him up in a fabulous hairband and fairy wings. So shiny! I decided we should go to swim in the jungle river (I just did some gardening and OH boy I could use some coolness). Of course one can’t go on an adventure without equipment, so we packed up a cuddly toy (very important), a compass, and my favourite storybook. I decided that as a snake I shouldn’t go alone so I took with me a band of pocket-sized people and a bat. I thought it would be cool to go to the river in a cable car as the river also has a fun waterfall. The cable car went over various pretty sites including a veg patch with delicious looking food, over hilltops and finally over the waterfall. Oh my, someone is here to greet us! Thankfully it a friend from home, another snake named Fred. There were a lot of options for us to sleep/hang out and as a snake I definitely loved that abandoned temple! But what is this! Oh no! My restful vacation is disturbed by a cruel creature hunter named Bob. He wants to capture me in a net. But using my special snakey moves I do a hypnotic jungle boogie! slither slither Oh my, I found treasure while escaping and I loved that magic flute so that came with me. I sail back home and thanks to my adventures I become famous!

As you can see many many options. At times I just wanted to pick everything! It seems to follow pretty much the same pattern as the Pirates book. I am not sure how I felt about the enemy suddenly appearing, I thought the story was fine until that moment.

I would once again recommend this fun and delightful book to everyone. I think kids will love it and it is perfect for this time that everyone has to stay at home. This will keep your kids entertained plus I can imagine some fun craft projects you can do with this.

Star rating, 5 stars

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