Stay at Home Book Tag

Stay at Home Book Tag

Afternoon all!

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Happy Saturday and welcome to a very appropriate tag for this time, Stay at Home Book Tag! I was already looking around for a new tag to answer when I found this one and immediately knew it was the one.

I found this tag at the amazing Jesha is a Bookworm, be sure to check out her post and her fun blog.

The original tag creator is Princess of Paperbacks~


1. .Laying In Bed-book you could/have read in a day

I can read most books in one day depending on how many hours there are in a day to read. But if you mean a book I could read any day, all day, and never get bored? Phew, I got a ton of those, but let’s see 2 favourites then:

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Person, Headless, Red, Becky Albertalli, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance, Cute

2. Snacking– a guilty pleasure

 Kobayashi-san Chi no Maiddragon, Tohru, Anime, Shrug, Dragons, Fantasy

I don’t really have a guilty pleasure as I don’t really believe in that. One should read without feeling guilty about it.

3. Netflix-Series you want to start

The newest series by Sarah J. Maas. I still also want to get further with Throne of Glass, but I am also eager to read Crescent City:

Fallen Angel, Dual POV, House of Earth and Blood, Crescent City, Sarah J. Maas, Red, Girl, Moon, Bird, Fantasy, New Adult, Romance, Demon, Friendship,

4. Deep Clean– a book on your TBR for ages

Well, that is hard as I don’t use my TBR like most. I got 2 types of TBR, books at home and books from the library. The longest book on that is probably one of the Skullduggery Pleasant books, but I am currently going through those (almost finished re-reading the first book):

Skulduggery Pleasant, Derek Landy, Skeleton, Detective, Fantasy, Good vs Bad, Magic, Mystery,

5. Animal Crossing-a book you recently bought because of hype

Hange Zoë, Attack on Titan: Junior High, Gif, Anime, Don't Care,

None. I generally don’t buy a book because of hype. I just buy a book because I want it. Not because everyone else wants it. I got a budget and I would rather spend money on books I really want.

6. Productivity– a book you learnt or had an impact on you

I can’t remember a book that had an impact on me, so I will just post a non-fiction book that I really enjoyed:

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly a true story, non-fiction, autobiography, memoir, red, chart, humour, romance, josh sundquist, Red, heart,

7. Facetime-a book you  were gifted

Oh, boy, let’s see which one of the books I was gifted by my hubby I will select. thinks This one:

Be Everything at Once, Dami Lee, Girl, Dog, Yellow, Humour, Non-fiction, comics, funny

8. Self Care-What is one thing you have done recently to look after yourself

Eh, I can honestly say that my selfcare is really lacking lately. I try. But my mental health is crashing very hard and all I want is curl up and lie in the dark and cry. All day. I guess it is high time to just force some selfcare into my schedule, maybe time to use those beautiful bathbombs I got for my birthday in February.


And that is it for this fun tag! I would tag EVERYONE points to all her readers Go do this one, I am curious about your answers. Happy weekend to all and be prepared, next week I got another book tag planned~

2 thoughts on “Stay at Home Book Tag

  1. this is a cool book tag that I have not come across before. Thanks for sharing your reads! 🙂 And yes, do pull out those bathbombs. Self-care is super important.

    1. You’re welcome! I will, tomorrow I plan on going into a warm bath with (hopefully) lovely smells and colours. It is, but it so hard to remember that when things are crashing around you. My plans for this coming week: more selfcare!

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