Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-4-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 12-4-2020

Afternoon all,

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Happy Easter, Happy weekend, and welcome to a brand-new Sunday’s TBR Updates.

Trying to make the best of each week, at least this week I had something to look forward to which kind of helped with my mental health. Easter (and the days surrounding it) is something I love celebrating and I had lots of fun trying to think of things we could do (inside of course) and what kind of yummy food we could eat to celebrate these wonderful 2 days. Plus, my hubby is in double hugging mode and tries to hold me whenever he can/whenever he sees me (as he works downstairs and I work upstairs), he knows I need it. Thanks love~
As for reading, it was a pretty good reading week. I still have to remind myself not to read too much. I can’t wait for everything to be normal (or at least for the libraries to be open again) and not having to restrict my reading. I read some good books either from my stack or from my Netgalley (I got so many books there, teehee). Harry Potter Goblet of Fire illustrated edition was absolutely amazing and I am happy I picked that one as before-going-to-sleep read. I would definitely recommend the illustrated editions to all.

What did I read from my TBR pile this week? Snapdragon (AMAZING, wonderful, with great characters and tons of magic), Vakantievrienden (pretty decent book, sadly with cheating), Piste Alarm (ohh, so good though I knew the culprit from very early on), De rode voetbalschoen (pretty nice book with well written soccer parts and a good mystery), Op de bouwplaats (fantastic search/find book with a whole story as well). As for my Kindle: Finna (OK-ish, loved the IKEA with wormholes stuff, but other things not so much), Let’s See Them Poems (hilarious and fun), 500 words or Less (meh the characters were all bleh, the essays eh, and I didn’t like the cheating/shaming).

I tried and dropped: The Night of Your Life (I wasn’t a fan of Lucy, she was just too annoying, and the MC was just bland), The Horologicon (just like its friend just not for me it felt more like a stream of conscious than a book), Vonk (the characters were horrible).

Here is a brand-new TBR pile… or well, a lot from last week with some new stuff added and the 3 book under Skullduggery are re-reads. Skullduggery Pleasant is what I am reading before I head to sleep (currently at 100 pages). Plus, a new Kindle TBR with some new books that I want to read this week (with 3 ARCs I should really get to reading).

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Here we are at the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates. Thank you all for reading my post. Have a wonderful Easter and Sunday, I hope it is filled with books and chocolate as I know my day will be that. Stay safe. Stay healthy. 😘

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