Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-4-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-4-2020

Afternoon everyone~

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Happy Sunday all and a warm welcome to a brand-new Sunday’s TBR updates!!

I am starting to lose sense of the days and I am happy with my blog that reminds me a lot of times what time it is. 😛 It wasn’t the best of weeks for me. But Easter days were tons of fun with yummy food and drinks, it took some bit to find all the food (stupid hoarders) but in the end we had a feast. The rest of the week.. eh.
But I did read some good books with my favourites being Beauty and Ben Braver Vortex of Doom. I am searching for more books to add to my rations of books and I have had some luck. dances

What did I read from my TBR pile this week? The Case of the Drowned Pearl (Another delightful mystery, not a fan of Daisy’s POV though), Villa Toscane (pretty OK, though some things just made my eyes roll, loved that it took place in Italy), Skullduggery Pleasant (this was a nice re-read though, despite it being quite some time, I remembered quite a lot of things which made reading a bit harder), Beauty (a great re-read and I flew through it friendship, beauty and terrible parenting), De buurtpolitie #2 (hilarious and full of cute animals).
As for my Kindle: Ben Braver (delightfully fun with some big battles and revelations).

I tried and dropped: Lissabon (boy that was so boring and not interesting how it was written). On my Kindle I dropped: Unspeakable (I couldn’t get through it, I loved several stories but for some reason it also didn’t work for me, maybe I will try later).

My slimmed down stack with 1 new re-read and a couple of new books that came in this week (see my Book Haul post for all the books). I am thinking of starting with De Jachtpartij and the book about words on the bottom.
And here is also a new Kindle TBR, well half of it is new :P. I downloaded 2 new graphic novels (Vampire Cheerleaders) that I want to read first.
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Here we are at the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thank you all for reading my post full of TBR plans. I want to wish everyone a good Sunday and a great week. Hope you are all healthy and safe. <3

6 thoughts on “Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 19-4-2020

  1. I haven’t been getting NEARLY as much reading time in as I would like to. I have a selection of blogging-related books saved on my Scribd account as well as some fun fiction books to break it up. I’ve also added some pet blogger specific books to my Amazon wishlist… I really need to start prioritizing time for all of them!

    1. Oh no, sorry to hear that. 🙁 I hope you are able to read more and prioritise all those books that are waiting for you. Also, I am curious about those pet blogger specific books (loves animals and is always eager to read books about them).

  2. I read so much January – March and I thought lockdown would make me read more but somehow it’s made me read a little bit less. I hate when you drop something that’s been on your TBR for a while, it’s so disappointing x


    1. Sorry to hear that your reading hasn’t been working out lately. 🙁 Hopefully you are able to read some more soon. 🤗 Yeah, it is a horrible feeling and the next read you read after it is met with the question, will this one be good? Or will it disappoint me?

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