Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-4-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-4-2020

Afternoon all!

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Happy Weekend and welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

Not much to say about this week. Not much new or exciting happened. My mental health is still going down, but I am happy I got my hamsters and my hubby to cheer me up.
Reading-wise, well it was a pretty OK week. I read some great books and got lost in some great stories. 🙂

What did I read from my TBR Pile this week? Thorn Abbey (which was an amazing re-read, though also a bit frustrating), Amelia Fang (funny and cute, though also a bit bland), Ski Resort (pretty great with twists and turns that I loved), Buurtpolitie #5 (really funny with tons of hilarious situations, though disappointed how it ended), Verloren Woorden (amazing and beautiful book with poems and gorgeous art).
From my Kindle I read: The Play of His Life (OMG OMG Fantastic and romantic), Vampire Cheerleaders 1 + 2 (both really fun, just a shame of that second story that comes along with the volume), Somewhere Among (pretty nicely written and I love that it took place in Japan).

I tried and dropped: Four Day of You and Me (meh meh meh), De jachtpartij (dear lord the characters were horrible).

Here is my updated stack with some new books added to it. Wow, No Thank You I have been reading for the past nights in the hour before I go to sleep and I hope to finish it this week.
Also a new updated Kindle TBR with plenty of new books I want to try out. Plus, I finally got my review copy for The Last Girls and I am DYING to read that.

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And that is it for this week’s Sunday’s TBR. Thank you all for reading, and I want to wish everyone a very happy Sunday! And to us Dutchies that are reading this, have a good Kingsday tomorrow, let’s make something fun out of it despite staying inside.

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 26-4-2020

  1. Wow, your count is impressive for a single weekend. I managed to finish two books, The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende and Over The Fence by Mary Monroe. Someone did a review for The Looking Glass series by Christina Henry but it’s advised to read Alice and Red Queen first so I’m halfway into Alice. I’m also going to read The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro to satisfy a category in The Reading Women Challenge. Good luck!!!

    1. This isn’t for a single weekend though, these are the plans for the coming week. And what I read is what I read the past week from last week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates. :)I read 2 books and going to continue my before-sleeping-book (Wow, no thank you) when I head to bed in a few minutes. Those two books you read sound really good! I am very curious about The Japanese Lover. Too bad my library is closed, otherwise I would have checked if they had it in Dutch (as they probably won’t have it in English). I hope you enjoy the books you are reading/going to read. 🙂 Thanks!

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