Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-4-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 5-4-2020


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Happy Sunday and welcome to a shiny new Sunday’s TBR Updates.

Phew, another week inside and my mind is well… not happy. Trying to keep sane in this strange time. Doing everything I can to keep my normal daily schedule so not to lose all the days. Baked a ton of cookies this week (brownie cookies + 2-tones cookies (vanilla/chocolate) to distract my mind (my hubby is drowning in cookies :P). Thinking of buying a keyboard and learning how to play on that. The weather is getting prettier and warmer so I hope to do some gardening again soon.
As for reading, still rationing and trying to find books everywhere (went crazy on Netgalley and now have 15 books to review) so I can keep up til June which is the predicted date for things to slowly go back to normal. I read a few books this week, from my TBR pile, NG, re-reads, and books I found for free through Twitter. It was a nice reading week and I had a few books I ended up loving (Food Baby, Beneath the Dead Oak Tree). Plus, I started Harry Potter (the illustrated edition) and am now reading a couple of pages each evening before sleeping. It will keep me occupied for a while.

What did I read from my TBR pile this week? Chinglish (eh, not that good due to various things), Het strandhuis (this was good! I loved the POVs + twists), Bali (exciting and pretty fun though I wasn’t a fan of Joris POV), Buurtpolitie #1 (funny and great).

I tried and dropped: Bright Young Things (too many POV and I just couldn’t care about it), Eindfeest (meh meh and meh, I just couldn’t get into it).

Here is a new stack with plenty from last week (which I want to read, but argh rationing books!) but also with some new additions.
Plus, bonus! This week I am also adding my Kindle TBR as I got some great books on there that I want to read and now during stay-inside-everything-is-closed-til-June it is the right time to tackle those books, plus 3 of the books are ARCs that I should get to reading. 😛

We have reached the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates. Thank you all for reading! I want to wish all my readers a wonderful Sunday, may it be filled with plenty of fun things. Stay safe and healthy all.

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