The Easter Book Tag

The Easter Book Tag

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Happy Easter and welcome to a very appropriate and fun tag for Easter! I was looking around for something special for Easter and I bumped into this tag over at The Owlery Reader, of course I had to participate.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started on this delightful tag!


Rabbits: a book you wish would multiply
Princess Princess Ever After, LGBT, Graphic Novels, Girls, Humour, LGBT, Brown, Border, Magic, Fantasy, Princesses, Prince, Katie O'NeillCreepypasta, De Man Zonder Gezicht, Andreas Palmaer, Horror, Short Stories, Creepy, Slenderman, NOPE,
Oh man! I got so many books that had me wishing for a sequel. But here are two that I would love for to have more.

Egg: a book that surprised you
Crime, Thriller, Family, Abuse, Sisters, My Sister The Serial Killer, Green Font, Woman, Sunglasses, Murder,
Definitely this book. I knew some things about the book, but holy wow, not all of it. It was a book filled with surprises and some twists.

Hunt: a book that was hard to get your hands on

I don’t really remember a book I had a hard time getting my hands on. Generally I either give up on the book or go for a different edition if a book is hard to find.

Lambs: a children’s book you still enjoy
Kruistocht in Spijkerbroek, Thea Beckman, Children, Adventure, Kruistocht, Religion, Geloof, Children's Books, BeautifulAdventure, Mystery, Children's Books, Het Circus van Avontuur, Enid Blyton,
Haha, so many! I love reading children’s books and I hope to love it until the day I die. But if we are talking about favourites from when I was young, I know I still very much enjoy Thea Beckman and Enid Blyton.

Spring: a book’s cover that makes you think ‘Spring’
Fangirl, Mental Health Fanfiction, Pink, Boy, Girl, Laptop, College, Twins, Sister, Family, Rainbow Rowell
Definitely Fangirl and all its limited colours. The lovely pastel colours to me just SCREAM spring.

Baskets: a book that’s in your Amazon wishlist
The Ankh-Morpork Archives: Volume One, Terry Pratchett, Blue, Faces, Fancy Letters, Wizard, Paul Kidby, Stephen Briggs, CoverWhen I Arrived at The Castle, Emily Carroll, Blood, Women, LGBT, Graphic Novel, Horror
These two books are on the top of my list.

Candy: a book that’s sweet
Schneeballen - Verliebt in Japan, Inga Steinmetz, Graphic Novel, Wedding, Romance, Non-fiction, Japan, Humour
Oh man, this is a hard one, I got so many books I feel are sweet! I will just pick two recent ones as I don’t feel up to finding the sweet books in all my books. 😛


And with that we have reached the end! I had tons of fun answering the questions and finding books to match. I feel quite Easter-y now. dances I hope everyone has a great Easter.

I tag all of you! Be sure to let me know if you answer the questions, I am always interested in seeing everyone’s answers.

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