Ultra Mini Library Haul ~ 21-4-2020

Ultra Mini Library Haul ~ 21-4-2020

Evening all,

SURPRISE!! Welcome to a very special Corona Ultra Mini Library Haul!

Yes, all the libraries are still technically close until June sad however Library #1 is now offering something amazing that had me squeeing. It was last week when I saw a tweet from their account pop up mentioning something about being able to borrow books and some other fun things. Of course, I immediately clicked the link and found out that they have something special now. You can reserve up to 2 books (free of cost and no matter if you already reached your limit on your library card) and they will then search for the books, put them together, quarantine them for 24 hours confused why, then call you for an appointment. You get a 5 minute slot to pick up your books.

Today was the day! I called 2 hours before my appointment to ask if my second book was there as I hadn’t heard from it and I wasn’t really in the mood to just go outside for one book (no matter how badly I wanted it). Thankfully it was there and 30 minutes before my slot I headed to the city and was quite happy that it wasn’t too busy and that most people kept their distance, though most did as I was wearing a scarf over my nose/mouth which for some reason either got people to look weird or treat me like I had the plague. 😛

The library was still closed when I arrived, but 10 minutes later it opened up and despite it not being my slot I could go in as the one of 1pm wasn’t there yet. They had put up 3 tables immediately when you get inside and each table was for a certain time. I spotted my books, said a big thank you, and left again with 2 wonderful books that I can’t wait to start reading.

Also technically I have 3 books. 😛 That one tiny book? It is actually a 2-in-1 book.

I will definitely make use again of this service, don’t want to use it too often as I get really anxious about going outside these days. But maybe in 2 weeks I will reserve some books, and yes I will be sharing my books with you again!

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Casa Ibiza & Zeezicht by Linda van Rijn
Soul Riders: Het eiland van de paarden by Helena Dahlgren

4 thoughts on “Ultra Mini Library Haul ~ 21-4-2020

  1. I love that they are working to still allow you to borrow books! I think the 24 hour quarantine is to try to make sure that the virus isn’t still existing on the book itself as it can survive for an extended time on surfaces. That way they aren’t responsible for spreading it from one borrower to the next if someone is carrying it.

    1. Yeah, I have missed the library (the online one is just not the same as going to a building with books). I am curious to see what other libraries will be doing, if anything. Ah, that explains why they do it. I have seen people from US/UK talk about disinfecting/quarantining stuff but had yet to see it happen here so I was a bit confused. 😊

    1. Hopefully your library will do the same when things quieten down over at your country. Thank you! Can’t wait to start reading them~

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