Waiting on Wednesday ~ Girls Save the World in This One

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Girls Save the World in This One

Evening all!

Happy humpday and welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday. This time zombies and cons! I am waiting eagerly for Girls Save the World in This One by Ash Parsons.

Not sure if I will immediately read it when it comes out next week or wait until the corona stuff is less, my mental health is not too up for zombies or apocalypses at the moment. But I am definitely happy that this book is coming out. I am always looking for new zombie books to read and I just LOVE that this one takes place at a Zombiecon… though I am sure the girls didn’t expect the con to be so literal about zombies. 😛 I cannot wait to meet the girls and see them kick some zombie ass. Plus, I am curious to how it all started. Who was the first zombie, and does this mean the country is infected or is it only the con? I am also a GIANT fan of the cover which is done by the amazing Jen Bartel whose art I just love love love.

Girls Save the World in This One, Jen Bartel, Zombies, Ash Parsons, Green, Pink, Weapons, Conventions, Horror, Young Adult, FriendshipJune’s whole life has been leading up to this: ZombieCon, the fan convention celebrating all things zombies. She and her two best friends plan on hitting all the panels, photo ops, and meeting the heartthrob lead of their favorite zombie apocalypse show Human Wasteland.

And when they arrive everything seems perfect, though June has to shrug off some weirdness from other fans—people shambling a little too much, and someone actually biting a cast member. Then all hell breaks loose and June and her friends discover the truth: real zombies are taking over the con. Now June must do whatever it takes to survive a horde of actual brain-eating zombies—and save the world.

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