Waiting On Wednesday ~ Kid Normal and the Final Five

Waiting On Wednesday ~ Kid Normal and the Final Five

Evening all!

Happy humpday everyone! Welcome to a brand new Waiting on Wednesday. And this Wednesday I am eagerly waiting for the last book in the Kid Normal series: Kid Normal and the Final Five.

I just love this series and while I am sad that it is ending, I cannot wait to see how it will end. The authors are definitely teasing a lot on Twitter and making me very eager to read the book. I want to see what will happen in the final battle, who will win and how will the world look like afterwards. Now everyone knows about the superheroes things are changing, but is that for the better or for the worse? Plus, I am looking forward to see our young superhero team again, and yes, while I know he is called Kid Normal, I am still kind of hoping that he gets some kind of superpowers.

Now I just got to wait til it comes out and then waiting til Amazon delivers it. Amazon.de still delivers books and other stuff, but there is a longer delivery time (like a book I got yesterday (not this one, I got that pre-ordered) which won’t be delivered until 18th of April). It will be a nice surprise as I am bound to forget I bought this (and other) books.

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Kid Normal and the Super Zeroes used to save the day in secret. But suddenly everyone knows who they are.
Oily villain Nicholas Knox has told the public that superheroes are dangerous. He wants to lock them all up and take over the world! *Cue evil cackling*
Murph must expose Knox’s evil plan, or the world of heroes is doomed forever!

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