Waiting on Wednesday ~ Witchlight

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Witchlight

Evening all!

Happy Wednesday (just a bit until weekend, yay!) and welcome to a brand-new Waiting on Wednesday, this week I am featuring Witchlight by Jessi Zabarsky.

Everyone knows by now that I love comics/graphic novels and that I am excited if a new one appears that looks good. And this one looks and sounds just amazing. I can’t wait to escape in the world these two girls reside in and go with them on a magical adventure. Plus, I hope there is plenty of shipping to do between Sanja and Lelek, given the blurb they will get really close (oh and I just read a preview on Amazon and oh yes, there will be shipping). Yay!

Witchlight, Graphic Novel, Comics, Adventure, LGBT, Fantasy, Witches, Soul, Magical, Magical Abilities, Adventure, Jessi Zabarsky, Brown, Patterns, Girls, SwordJessi Zabarsky’s lushly illustrated shoujo-adventure comic that introduces Lelek the witch as she blows through town one day, kidnapping the peasant girl Sanja. The unlikely pair grow more entangled as they travel together, looking for the missing half of Lelek’s soul – the source of her true magical abilities. Both women are seeking to learn, in their own ways, how to be whole again. This book collects the serialized story all into a single volume, including the heart-gripping conclusion and other all-new material.

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