What I Hope To Read May 2020

What I Hope To Read May 2020

Morning all!

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read, this time for the month May. waves bye bye to April

As it is already almost May. My hayfever has reached new heights (yay), but I am also loving my garden and seeing that all the effort I put in this year and last year are paying off. My garden looks gorgeous and I can’t wait for the upcoming years as I got plants that got to grow big. Other than my garden, I loved that it got warmer outside, sure I could only stand in my garden to enjoy it, but it counts. And today I am trying to make the best of Kingsday.

This month I got several books I definitely want to read, I am delighted that Harlequin is now having a LGBT sister and is getting several books I just need to read. Plus, finally Gravity of Us is out in paperback which means I can try it out. dances

I got 3 pre-orders and 5 books I want to try out.

Aurora Rising, Aurora Burning, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Orange, Multiple POV, Romance

The Gravity of Us, NASA, Phil Stamper, Young Adult, LGBT, Romance, Contemporary, Holding Hands, Guys

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