Book Haul May 2020

Book Haul May 2020

Afternoon all!

Welcome all, welcome to a new Monthly Book Haul! This time for May. And what a month it was! Thanks May~

This was another great month book-wise. I got a couple of Dutch and English pre-orders pop up, and I bought some other books as well. I had fun ordering some new Dutch books in my life (though I would so not recommend Paagman any more) or asking my hubby to get some new books for me as he does the grocery shopping and comes close the book store of our town. Not listed on this post are the couple of Kindle books I bought.

As for reading, well, I read 7 books of this stack and also a couple from last month’s stack. Since 5 books from this list only got delivered 2 days ago I haven’t had time to read them just yet, but I will read them soon! As for rationing, I don’t need to do that any more as my libraries are back open. OK, I won’t visit as often as I did, but I can still get books if I want. Yay!

I had 9 pre-orders, 1 gift, 1 surprise book (I got it with one of my orders), 1 book I won at a giveaway on Twitter and then there were 2 books I needed to add to my shelves. 14 books in total!

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Blue Flag by Kaito
De hamster in je brein by Felix Kreier, Maarten Biezeveld
Koekjesbijbel by Rutger van den Broek
Jippie! en de onderwaterpiraten by Sanne Rooseboom, Annet Schaap
Wat niet in de safarigids van je ouders staat by Joukje Akveld
Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson
Kan het even normaal? by Willeke Brouwers
Chaos United breekt door! by Gerard van Gemert, Rudi Jonker
Aurora Burning by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
Don’t Call me Grumpycorn by Sarah McIntyre
Dating for Geeks: Next Generation by Kenny Rubenis
De buurtpolitie #9 by Nix

Spionage by Lars Bové, Yannick Pelegrin
De buurtpolitie #4 by Nix

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