Friday’s Page 69 ~ Alfie Fleet’s Guide to the Universe

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Alfie Fleet’s Guide to the Universe

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Commonly known as ‘That Utter Git’, Sir Willikin is number three in the UCC’s Worst Presidents of All Time hit parade. He controlled the club for four years, with his cronies Lady Gardenia Nanbiter, Incontinence Pance, and Bernard Stiltskin. At a secret meeting it was eventually decided that he had to go. As all Presidents must map at least at least one new world, Sir Willikin was told of a newly discovered stone circle on an unmapped planet. There, he was told, time travelled at a very slow speed compared to Earth. Certain that he and his expedition would be back in time for dinner, Sir Willikin set off. At his departure there was much celebration and a highing of fives.

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