Library Haul 15-5-2020

Library Haul 15-5-2020

Afternoon everyone!

Welcome to a brand-new Library #1 Haul!

Library #1 is open again after two months (limited with rules and a route throughout the library) and since I read my last book from the library on Thursday evening, I thought it was high time to visit again. My anxiety rose though, but my hubby convinced me I should just go outside. To just try it. And I can honestly say I am delighted I tried it, it did bring my mind away from everything going on at the moment.

I am also glad that gloves are allowed at the library due to my eczema which is flaring up at my hands, which means disinfectant (which is mandatory) = death to my hands. I was a bit worried they may say no, but thankfully they said yes.

It was such a delight to be back to Library #1 again and be able to walk around the bookshelves, it has been a bit over 2 months. I am not counting the mini library as you could only step in like 2 metres of the library before going back outside again. I took my time soaking up the feeling of being at this library. I probably won’t visit again for a few weeks. It will be a while before I can comfortably go to the library each week again. This trip alone took all my energy.

Oh, before I talk about what books I got, Library #2 and #3 are also opening up this month. Next week I am hoping to visit #3 with my hubby and at the end of the month Library #2 will also open. Look forward to Library Haul posts for those libraries as well when I go. I will keep you posted on Twitter when I visit the libraries again after that as I am not going to be visiting each week (or in Library #3’s case each 3 weeks). As long as there is no vaccine + with my mental health as it is, I don’t think it is safe to do this often.

Now let’s go to my Library #1 haul! I had fun putting books in my basket and found some great books, including a new Real Pigeons book + a book that was just released and I was hoping Library #1 would have it.

Stats: 8 books. 8 fiction.

Bibliotheek Delft, DOK, Library #1, Books, Thriller, Children's Books

De toneelclub by Nathalie Pagie
De expat by Patricia Snel
Antoinette by Robbert Welagen
Tropenvader by Diederik Samewel
Echte duiven in de nesten by Andrew McDonald
Een nacht in Bazaar Bizaar by Jonas Boets
Lilo Lastpak: Verboden te toveren by Anna Lott
De Familie Slotje by Marieke van Hooft, Henk van der Gugten

4 thoughts on “Library Haul 15-5-2020

  1. Great that you could go to the library again and that you found so many great new books. 🙂
    I wish my library had open again just because there is this series I’m dying to finish and I don’t wanna buy it. 😛 Happy reading!

    1. Yes, I am so happy they are opening up again after 2 months! I hope your library opens up soon again then so you can finish that series~ Thank you, and thanks for commenting. 😊

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