Library Haul 23-5-2020

Library Haul 23-5-2020


Welcome all to a brand-new Library #3 Haul! Yep, Library #3 is the next library opening up for people with restrictions of course.

I had made a small list of books I wanted, not too much as I can only bring 12 books with me, but still a couple as I didn’t want to stay inside the library too long. That sounds so weird coming from a bookworm like me who prefers staying in a book-filled place as long as possible. But with my mental health + the small line outside, I didn’t want to take too long. I had 7 books on my list.

It was a delight to be back at Library #3, seeing the building again. Knowing I would be inside very soon. At this library we had to throw in the books in a container at the front entrance, which had me worried as that meant they wouldn’t be pulled from my card right away. Would I still be able to loan my books? Well, the lady at the door told me (and someone else) that they had upped the limit to 24 books. That way people can bring back their books and still borrow new books and the library can take their time cleaning up the books and putting them in quarantine for 3 days.

It was a delight to walk through Library #3, it was a bit odd at times as there were paths you should take, which weren’t often paths I took when I was there. I decided to first grab the books I had on my list (found 4 out of 7) and then walk around the library to see if I could find any more books. I just soaked up all the libraryness and I could feel my stress ease. OK, that was until someone didn’t understand 1.5 metres distance, then the stress came back. But for most of my library time I was in a happy and stressless place. Ahh, love it!

Instead of a basket, like Library #1 and from what I read also going to be at Library #2, they gave each person a laminated card so they could keep track of how many people were in the library. Quite a nifty idea.

Like I said at my Library #1 Haul, I won’t be back to my normal schedule. While things are opening up, we are still asked to stay inside as much as we can, plus I just don’t feel that safe or happy outside with how so many people seem to forget the rules. I will probably go to this library in about 4, maybe 5 weeks.

This girl walked away with the full amount of books I could get and a big big smile. New books, yes! Though this girl just found out that she had read two of the books from the stack, I keep forgetting to check, oh well, let’s see if I like the books better this time (been a few years apparently since I last read them). 😛

STATS: 12 books. 3 non-fiction, 1 picture book, 1 graphic novel, 7 fiction.

NOTE: Two books aren’t on Goodreads, I will add them as soon as I feel good again.

Bibliotheek Den Haag, Library #3, Books, Reading, Thriller, Picture Book, Children's Books, Non-Fiction

In het wild by Nadja Hüpscher
Koorts by Saskia Noort
Vermist by Ellen van de Vriend
Wespennest by Kerstin Gier
De zoetzure smaak van dromen by Sun Li
Sluipweg by Ingrid Oonincx
Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan
Ondergang by Tine Bergen
Oorlog in inkt by Annemarie van den Brink, Suzanne Wouda
Cuban Cars by Karl-Heinz Raach
De verdwijning van de ingenieur by Marmus
Pjotter zegt altijd ja by Steven Gielis

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