Library Haul 26-5-2020 (Super MEGA Haul)

Library Haul 26-5-2020 (Super MEGA Haul)

Afternoon all,

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Welcome to a brand-new Library #2 Haul!

Yep, the last library to open up and of course I had to visit it. Thankfully my hubby could make some time to drive me to near the library so I could grab some new books. I had a list of 60 books, and with 4 still at home, I could get 56 books if I could find everything. Yep, I made a list, just like I did with Library #3. They specified that they don’t want people to look around for books and constantly grab and put them back, they want people to go for books they want or reserve books. Sadly, not everyone got the notice it seems as I had to patiently quite a few times to wait at a 1.5 metres distance from people who took their time browsing.

It was a bit chaotic at the library I have to be honest. They did some tape here and there and routes, but some of the routes just weren’t practical. Especially at two computers for the bringing of books and the loaning of books. They have had weeks to get things to be organised, and yet they were still planning routes and hanging up signs today.

Also, some people don’t get the 1.5 metre distance. Even at the library. One lady grumbled at me about me being afraid when I had to dodge her. I told her that there was the 1.5 metre distance thing and the only thing I got back was more grumbling. rolls her eyes

I am also still the only person with something covering my face, which just feels weird and makes me wonder why I go through the effort.

I had fun walking around the library again, it was a delight to be back after 2 and a half months. Seeing all the books again. Picking out books that are on my list, checking my phone as things weren’t to be found. My trolley bag and the basket I had to carry quickly got fuller and fuller until the point I just wanted a shopping cart instead. 😛

I got a lot of books, but again, I don’t know if we will go in a new lockdown, plus with my mental health I don’t go outside much. There is a 4 week borrowing time, so I got some time to read.

STATS: 54 books. 9 non-fiction, 1 picture book, 44 fiction (a lot of crime/thriller/mystery).

NOTE: There are 2 books missing on Goodreads, I will add them when I feel better again. I am totally knackered at the moment.

Library #2, Zoetermeer, Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Reading, Books, Stack of Books Library #2, Zoetermeer, Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Reading, Books, Stack of Books Library #2, Zoetermeer, Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Reading, Books, Stack of Books Library #2, Zoetermeer, Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Reading, Books, Stack of Books Library #2, Zoetermeer, Bibliotheek Zoetermeer, Reading, Books, Stack of Books

Goede vrienden by René Appel
Stem! by Marlen Beek-Visser
Meesterdeal by Marlen Beek-Visser
Enkele reis by Marelle Boersma
Blind Date by Marelle Boersma
Chateau de Provence by Marelle Boersma
Ciao Sicilia by Marelle Boersma
Koekoeksjong by Tine Bergen
Bed & Breakfast by Candy Brouwer
Nice by Kiki van Dijk
De donkere dagen by Loes van den Hollander
Na Melanie by Svea Ersson
Onderuitgehaald by Loes van den Hollander
Zwemmen by Martine Kamphuis
Ik vind jou by Simone Kortsmit

Zwaartekracht by Eva Monte
Klem by Tupla M.
Val by Tupla M.
Paradijsvogels by Nathalie Pagie
Winterzon by Linda van Rijn
Viva Espana by Linda van Rijn
Medicijn by Ingrid Oonincx
Expat Exit by Patricia Snel
Het reservaat by Liselotte Stavorinus
Erken mij by Esther Verhoef
Costa del sol by Suzanne Vermeer
Zuidenwind by Suzanne Vermeer
Ijskoud by Suzanne Vermeer
In een donker bos by Ruth Ware
Het leugenspel by Ruth Ware

Acht maanden in de Gazastraat by Hilary Mantel
hier kijken we naar by Hannah van Wiering
Telefoon vanuit de hemel by Mitch Albom
En je ziet nog eens wat by Renske de Greef
Onder studenten by Petra Kruijt
Loslippig by Marie-Cecile Beniers
De godmother by Kerstin Gier
Stiletto by Kerstin Gier
Bitter en Glamour by Nanda Roep
Cruise Control by Carlie van Tongeren
Nana van het Roversbos by Ann Lootens, Emilie Timmermans

Follow me Down by Tanya Byrne
Inspection by Josh Malerman
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Nng
The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Time to Momo: Dublin by ?
Time to Momo: Valencia by Fleur van de Put
Time to Momo: Barcelona by Annebeth Vis
Geen paniek by Renske de Greef
Ondergedoken als Anne Frank by Marcel Prins
Spijbelen doe je maar thuis by Trudy Coenen
Stewardess @Work by Geeri Bakker
Stewardess van Amsterdam tot Zanzibar by Geeri Bakker
Achter Mekka by Betsy Udink

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