Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories Vol. 1 + Vol.2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories Vol. 1 + Vol.2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories, Vol.2, Sailor Moon, Short Stories, Superpowers, Sailor Guardians, Chibi-Usa, Flowers, Pink Hair, Chibi-Usa, Cute, Fun, Fights, Mystery, Fantasy, Vol. 1, Naoko TakeuchiA cute short story collection featuring various characters from the Sailor Moon universe.

I decided it was high time to re-read these short stories volumes. I was eager to get to reading and go back to the Sailor Moon universe. I knew that I may not enjoy it fully as I remember + read my old review that the books have a hefty dose of characters I wasn’t a fan of.

And that is true. The first one features a lot of Chibi-Usa, who is one of the most annoying, frustrating and cringy character of the SM universe. The second short story volume features Luna, the second one on my list of annoying characters. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the stories in the end, but I was a bit frustrated that these two characters got so much attention while others get less. I would have loved to see a Mamo story, or some romantic dates between Mamo and Usagi.

But still I had fun reading these stories and see what the girls are up to. See strange and mysterious things happening in the city they live. Yep, the big bosses and enemies may not be around but aliens still love to go to earth and have a bit of fun with the humans there (or you know, suck out their souls). The girls still have to do all they can to save the world. And that in between studying (because in one of these volumes the girls are on their way to high school in Japan that means you have to study or not get anywhere which I still think is a tad silly), meeting new friends (as Chibi-Usa goes to school for the first time), and more. It was a delight and I definitely loved the story of Ami falling in love with someone, yes, she calls it being better than someone but we all know what is going on there. It was kind of cute to see strict and studious Ami fall in love.
I did think the story about the girls’ children was a bit odd given how much ALIKE they were to their parents, it was just so boring and I would rather have seen a bit more mix-up.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories, Vol. 2, Sailor Moon, Short Stories, Superpowers, Star Guardians, Fights, Astronauts, Sci-Fi, Romance, Mamoru, Usagi, Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi,I loved the various enemies that popped up and which girls fought against them. Sometimes it was just a duo, sometimes all of them, sometimes just Chibi-Usa. It made the fights even more fun and interesting.

I still think it is funny everyone knows Sailor V but barely anyone knows Sailor Moon. Poor Usagi.

The art is, as always, just so pretty! I love how the girls are drawn and I love that as times goes on you do see the girls grow up.

I would definitely recommend this two volume short stories series.

Star rating, 4 stars

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