Review for Cat’s Cafe

Review for Cat’s Cafe

Cat's Cafe: A Comics Collection, Yellow, Cats, Animals, Comics, Humour, Cafe, Coffee, Webcomic, Matt TarpleyI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I love comics and in these harsh times (I read this one in March when we were all stuck inside due to Corona) I could use some laughter and some fun. I spotted this book and of course had to grab it to read it. A comic about a cat with a cafe? Coffee jokes and more? Sign me up!

But this book is actually much more than just a cat with his cafe, more than customers with a very heavy coffee addiction (really, some of these animals need to lay off the coffee for a while). This is also about anxiety, friendship, setting goals for yourself and conquering them, dreams, making friends and being there for your friends, compliments, love. There is still enough coffee and cafe, but there is also plenty of that other stuff. And sure, on the one hand I loved it, but on the other hand I came here for coffee and cats. So I am a bit conflicted. Don’t get me wrong I love the stuff that takes place outside of the coffee shop, but I hope it is understandable that I am also a tad sad that it isn’t just about a coffeeshop owned by a cat.

We meet various animals that live in the world. We see various fun friendships begin, dreams be made (and I loved the sea star and his girlfriend), I loved that this world has such an abundance of different animals. From alpacas to armadillos to snakes and gators (who had a crush on our coffee cat), this world is never once boring. There are also various seasons and I loved seeing our animals do all sorts of things in each season.

But yeah, my feelings are still a bit over the place, I thought this book would cheer me up, give me a smile at the end, maybe some big belly laughs, but given it also has enough sad feelings and anxiety and tears… It didn’t really help out. Still I had fun reading it, and I loved the art style it is really cute.

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