Review for Color Your World: A Walk on the Beach

Review for Color Your World: A Walk on the Beach

Color Your World: A Walk on the Beach, Monica Wellington, Beach, Children's Books, Activity Book, Colouring Pages, Fun, Cute, Recipes, Facts, Sandcastles, Non-fiction, Blue, Shells, Girl, Boy, Bucket, Crab, SeagullI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This looked cute and turned out to be really adorable! It is an activity book filled with fun illustrations. Let’s go to the beach, well, OK, maybe not with Corona (please stay inside), but if that one is done it is time to spend a fun day at the beach in the sun with tons of fun activities.

In this delightful activity book we can colour in all the pages (I was really tempted to print them out so I could colour a couple) that are in this book (yes, all of them). But not only that we see what is happening at a beach. We see people sunbathing, swimming, making a sandcastle, collecting shells, and there is also a bit of clean-up which made me happy. Along with seeing what is going on at the beach kids are motivated to sketch in specific places (what do you see at the beach), search for items at the beach, make the best sandcastles, and plenty of more. With each page the fun increased and I also loved that there was place for a bit of learning (about the tides).

I think this will be a fun book to bring along with you when you go out with the kids to the beach. It will make the trip even more fun for them as this book is full to the brim with fun and activities. There is even a journal part at the end so the kids can write all about their day, so it will be something to hold on to for them.

I liked that at the ending we also get some recipes and some extra activities. Really, this book will never bore anyone, instead you are probably wondering how to cram everything in one day. 😛

I loved the illustrations, they reminded me of some other children’s books. I found the illustrations very adorable and cute.

All in all, highly recommended. Going to the beach with kids? Be sure to take this with you.

Star rating, 5 stars

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