Review for Don’t Drink the Punch!

Review for Don’t Drink the Punch!

Party, Romance, Children's Books, Mean Girl, Popularity, Mystery, Horror, Creepy, Cats, Punch, Girls, House, Table, Pink Letters, Don't Drink the Punch!, You're invited to a creepover #11, P.J. NightYou better be nice… or else I wouldn’t recommend drinking the punch! Another fun book in this series!

I so love that I can re-read this whole (or well the books I still have) series again. This one was definitely high on my list to try out and boy I had so much fun reading it. I wasn’t always a fan of the characters, and I can honestly say that I didn’t mind what happened to the girls (I know terrible of me, but the girls were just horrendous).

I did like our MC though. She was a sweet girl who just needs to learn that popularity is cool and all but being nice is way better. I liked that she showed that she cared about things. Like when her best friend’s dog chased a cat into the streets, she helped the cat unlike her friends who just walked away. Also in other parts she shows that she is just a bit desperate but other than that a friendly person who just needs to learn that the popular crowd may be the wrong fit for her.
I also loved that she, unlike the other girls, wasn’t rich. However, I would have loved if she would have been honest about it. They probably already know any way.

The book mainly focuses on the big party that is coming up. Valentine’s day is here and the girls are eager to make a big party. Parents are also invited to be there but they got their own floor to party. I was definitely enjoying seeing the party come closer and closer and the girls (and then especially the mean ones) think of a way to make everything awesome. I can slightly understand that they wanted to use the love potion, I know that around that age I wouldn’t have minded a potion or two myself as the boys I was looking at didn’t look back at me. 🙁

The party goes gravely wrong, and the girls get a big portion of karma their way. I do have to wonder… if our MC’s mom hadn’t been there… would she have gone through all that trouble? For now she was really focused on helping her mom, so that definitely had me curious.

I did feel for Mathilda and found her quite an interesting character to read about. I wouldn’t mind reading her story.

The ending was a great extra to the story. Oh my gosh. I do hope that everything is fine with our duo. crosses fingers

All in all, I really enjoyed this one. I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4 stars

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