Review for Ghost

Review for Ghost

Short Stories, Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell, Ghost, White, Footsteps, Children's Books, Horror, Fishing, Illustrations, Friendship, Poetry, Library, New House, Ghosts, Dead Things, Basements, Graveyard, Ponds, Dolls, Blaise Hemingway, Jesse Reffsin, Chris Sasaki, Jeff Turley13 spooky and scary tales to keep you up at night, this was an amazing book!

I was definitely in the mood for something spooky and something children/middle grade and I remembered I still had this one on my Kindle to read. I decided to read it and OMG this was just one of the best reads of this year for me.

It all starts when 2 boys from a camp nearby head to the gamekeepers hut in the middle of the night to hear 13 scary stories, they know the man living there has the BEST stories and they want to bring back some scary tales for their friends at the camp. The tone was really set from the beginning, the vibe was there. Be prepared to be scared.

There are 12 stories with the thirteenth one tying it all up. I LOVED the scary tales and also loved that some of them were poetry. My favourites would be the one with the mirror, the fish, the library, and the boy in the basement. The stories were all delightfully spooky and will definitely haunt you long after you finished the story. Some stories just left you to imagine what happened for yourself, others got you face to face with something dead and scary.

The ending? Predictable and not that original as I have seen a couple of other children’s horror books with it, but I still loved it and squeed in delight because it was a great ending. It did fit very well with the stories we already heard.

The book also has very stylish/fancy illustrations, I loved their style and how well they fitted with the book and its stories.

I really want to get this book in physical so I can add it to my shelves. This is one book I want to re-read over and over again.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone!

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