Review for Happily Ever After & Everything In Between

Review for Happily Ever After & Everything In Between

Happily Ever After & Everything In Between, Debbie Tung, Non-fiction, bed, sleep, wake, man, woman, romance, husband, wife, cute, humour, funny, comics, relationshipsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Debbie Tung is back with a new comic collection, whereas her last one was about books and loving them this one is about her husband and her and their life together. I really loved reading it as there was just so much relatable stuff, just like the book book.

This was a very adorable read and I had fun seeing her get used to married life, seeing them buy a new house, see them have fun, see her try not to buy all the books and sketchbooks, see him get scared at a bug and she just throwing it outside (I am definitely the husband here, I hate bugs), I had a big laugh at his beard and how when she likes it he thinks it is itchy (which reminds me of me and my husband, I love his beard.. he finds it too itchy), comparisons between how they each react to something, parties and meeting new friends, and of course there is much much more and I had just the best time reading this one. It was just what I needed, something cute and warm that makes me giggle and go OMG, I recognise this.

I had a laugh at the guy who talked about our couple who were newlyweds and how they were in the honeymoon phase and how things would change as they would see each other at their worst/bad habits. Um, I would think that before you get married you know those things? Unless you marry within a short time… At least that is how it was for me and my hubby. We got married when we were 10 years together (still can’t believe that was last year, eep) and we have been living together since we were together 1.5 years. Believe me we have had our ups and downs, but that only got us out stronger and more in love than ever.

And that ending, awww! Congrats you two!

I loved that next to the comics we also got some page only illustrations. Debbie Tung has such a cute and nice style and I was happy to see her illustrations.

All in all, please Debbie Tung make more! I would love more comics. And I would highly recommend this one to everyone.

Star rating, 5 stars

4 thoughts on “Review for Happily Ever After & Everything In Between

  1. This book sounds super cute. I’ve been reading print ARCs lately so I haven’t been paying attention to Netgalley. I might have to go back. Great review.

    1. If you do read it, enjoy. Haha, if you do go back, remember that it is a dangerous place for us readers/reviewers. 🤣 Thank you!

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