Review for I Left The House Today

Review for I Left The House Today

I Left The House Today!, Cassandra Calin, Comics, Relationship, University, Romance, Relatable, Non-fiction, Humour, Funny, Gorgeous Art, Autobiography, Door, Red, Girl, Yellow Sweater, ComicsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just LOVE Cassandra Calin’s art and comics, I follow her on Tapastic and read her comics immediately when they come out. I also got one of her books at home and I am looking forward to adding this book to my collection when it comes out. I know that my husband would also love it as he is also a fan.

First up I love the title and the introduction, especially the last sentence: “This book will give you an insight on what it’s like to try your best to be a normal human being – and actually leaving your house from time to time.”

And then the comics start and while I knew most of them I still had so much fun seeing Cassandra do her things, live her life, along with her boyfriend, do work and university stuff. There was a lot that was highly relatable to me and that had me glad I am not the only one who had this happening to them. Like brushed hair is nice and all, but my hair generally either poofs up or gets so static I zap everything the whole day. 😛 Making a knot of your hair… how do people do that???? Spending your money on puppies and then drowning in a sea of them = the dream. Sometimes I wish I could bring my bed with me when going to stuff (well.. these days I am not going anywhere). And there was more. I had so much fun reading this one and I laughed a lot, which was just what I needed as well, while I am writing this I feel not too happy. My mental health has really taken a big hit since March. So this is just perfect to read. Something to distract me. Something to make me laugh.

I just love her art style!

All in all, I LOVED this book. It was hilarious, relatable, sweet, cute, and I would highly recommend it.

Star rating, 5 stars

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