Review for Junkyard

Review for Junkyard

Junkyard, Roland Lowisch, Dieter Rebmann, Car, Car Collector, Photography, Photographs, California, US, Non-fiction,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this one when I spotted it at Netgalley. I love shows about people restoring old cars to glory and often they visit those amazing junkyards. I don’t know who Rudi Klein is though, but I was still excited to see what this guy had on his junkyard.

And the answer is, a lot. Dang this guy has some gorgeous cars that are just lying there, I actually feel sorry for the cars and I just hope that one day someone will restore them to new glory. I loved seeing the stacks of cars, the small details of each car, some were for better wear than others. Some looked like they had a family of mice living inside, others like nature just took over. Some looked like they just needed a bit more love and they would be able to stand in museums. I definitely would have loved to see this junkyard in the flesh, but I guess with how difficult it was for the book’s crew to get access that is just a dream and will stay a dream. At least I got these photographs.

I did think it was a shame that there were also black/white photographs. While I do love black/white, I just felt it didn’t really fit in with this book.

As expected, I wasn’t that much interested in the text. That is nothing new, with photography books I just come for the photographs. Nice that there is text, but give me the photographs. 😛

All in all, a book that I definitely liked and that had me want to stretch out and get closer to those cars. I am glad I had the chance to read it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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