Review for Let’s See Them Poems

Review for Let’s See Them Poems

Let's See Them Poems, Sombrero, Alien, Guitar, Poems, Humour, Funny, Green Cover, Andrew Schaffer, Non-FictionI received this poem collection from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was eager to read this, the cover looked silly. But before requesting/click the button I wanted to know more about the author and I found out he wrote under Fanny Merkin. And that under that name he wrote that parody of 50 Shades of Grey. Which I loved to bits and am planning on rereading now that I need to ration books.

This book features various poems in all forms from short to long to very very short (like just a few words). I definitely liked that, I am still getting used to reading poetry and I know I tune out when a poem gets too long. So this one held my attention right. The poems are about anything from eating to reading to social media. Sometimes I didn’t have a clue what the poem was about (who is Jonathan Franzen?? Or what is Mike’s Hard Lemonade?? Or Ray Donovan (a show??)). Then again this happens often when I read books set in the US (but also other countries).
But I did like the poems, they were very random just what I need at this moment. Something to distract my mind.

Plus there are random photographs of flowers/nature (????) after some of the poems. No clue why flowers/nature, it definitely added to the randomness of the book. 😛

The book is really short, I wouldn’t have minded more pages!

This poem just fits so well with today’s situation (reading this in April):
“Every day
is a new opportunity
to say, “Fuck it all.”

All in all, I hope he writes more poems and collects them in books. I wouldn’t mind more of this.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

3 thoughts on “Review for Let’s See Them Poems

    1. This writer has a fun style, and with reading this I know for certain now what kind of poetry I enjoy. The random/silly/humorous ones. You’re welcome, and thanks for commenting!

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