Review for No Trick-or-Treating!

Review for No Trick-or-Treating!

Book #9, Friendship, Moving, New Kid, Romance, Creepy, P.J. Night, Light as a Feather, Girls, Costumes, Trick or Treat, Halloween, Horror, Candles, You're Invited to a Creepover,Trick or treating actually gets real and dangerous in this fun and spooky read, perfect for Halloween (or when you are in the mood for something spooky and can’t wait for Halloween).

I just love that I have the chance to read all these books again, or well those that I have. This series is just such a delight, despite being for kids it is still pretty creepy and spooky.

In this our MC moves to a brand-new town and finds out that Halloween is something that is not done, is not celebrated. No trick-or-treating. No nothing. Of course she isn’t amused by that as Halloween is also her birthday. I could totally understand her feeling, a new town and the one thing you are looking forward to is banned? Forbidden? Not allowed? I could imagine that she would rebel and just ask her friends to go out and trick or treat.

I do feel that if the town, if the people, had been more open and honest on why Halloween is not allowed, maybe less kids would have disappeared for eternity. Now there are warnings and foreboding stuff happening, but really, do you think a teen would listen to that if they don’t get much explanation following that? You should really talk to them honestly and openly.
In the end we do learn of the origins of what the curse is about and I was pretty horrified. I would have liked some way to break the curse, but I guess the town is cursed forever. Until all eternity.

I did love that our MC was able to make friends so easily and they quickly took her in their midst. I even loved that she found a cute boy. Despite having to move so far and to such a small town, she is having a great time.

I had a laugh that the girls in the town didn’t know about Halloween or trick or treat at all. Then again, given how the parents and adults of the place are I guess even the smallest references are banned. I do wonder do they even check tv/shows/books? Because that is where I got my knowledge from trick or treating/halloween from. It was quite fun to see our MC take them under her wing and explain everything about Halloween and what it was about.

The ending, and especially the epilogue had me feeling so sad. That poor girl.

All in all, a great book and I am glad I got the chance to re-read it. I would recommend this one (and others from the series).

Star rating, 4 stars

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  1. If it were up to me it’d be Halloween every day, definitely my fave time of year! This is definitely my type of genre so I’ll add it on my list of things to read! Thanks for sharing!

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