Review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.1

Review for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.1

Naoko Takeuchi, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 1, Magical Girl, Sailor Moon, Fantasy, Villains, Battles, Mystery, Secrets, Transformations, Cute, Fun, Blonde Hair, Sailor Outfit, Manga, Romance, Cover Love, Friendship, CatsThe Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit! Guardian of Beauty and Justice! Sailor Moon! Time to re-read this delightful series.

I am a big fan of this series, watched most of the anime, read the manga and the side-stories. I thought it was high time for me to re-read the manga again. While I do remember most details I was still eager to see how it all started and see the girls, and then especially Usagi, grow up and get stronger, better, see their friendship build.

This one starts it all. We meet Usagi, a slightly dim girl with a big heart and a big stomach. I have to say that while I have found Usagi a bit annoying when I watched/re-watched the anime, read the manga, I find her much more bearable now after years. Plus, hello, if I would have gotten magic powers at 14 and have to deal with scary monsters my reaction would also be to just cry or run away. Really. But like Usagi I would have grown up, gotten stronger, gotten braver, which is what I am looking forward to seeing as I read this manga.
I do wonder how she ever gets through school given her grades are abysmal (but then again this is something I wonder about more often in manga and anime). This girl cares more about friendship, eating some yummy snacks, daydreaming about hot boys (and then especially a certain Tuxedo Mask). I love how fun and sweet she is. She is the ultimate best friend, she will always be there for you if you need her. She is kind and caring.

I also love the other girls, though I still think it is a bit overkill to give Ami that much IQ. She can be smart with an IQ of 160, I don’t really get why the 300. But I am at least glad she isn’t like other girls with high IQ cough Hermione. She is a sweet girl who likes to help her friends and at times may get a bit absorbed in studying and tests. I love Mako and how she is strong and tall but loves cute stuff. And Rei, ah Rei. Strong and cool Rei who has a bit of a temper, but is still a very great person to have as a friend.

We also meet Naru who is a friend of Usagi. I do love the girl but I feel sad knowing that we will see less and less of her as the story continues.

While I do know the seal is intact and that they have no memories of whatever happened in the past, I still laugh a bit at their search for the princess and how each time a princess pops up they think it may be her.

I do have to say I did think it was a bit of a shame how easily the sailor senshi were found. I get that they need to assemble fast, but this was just a tad too hilarious for me. I would have liked it to be a bit more spread out.
I do also think it was a bit weird how they never assumed Sailor V to be one of them, at least they never talk to her as if she could be part of the team. She is so famous in this one. Which also brings to the next point, why didn’t Artemis go find the other senshi after finding Sailor V? I guess maybe it is time for me to re-read the Sailor V manga. 😛

The battles are fun and exciting to read and while I knew how they would end I definitely was on the edge of my seat and rooting for the girls to defeat this villain with their new and growing powers.

The accessories the girls get, oh man, I so would love to have them. They are pretty and fancy.

And there is one thing I still have to mention, the budding romance between Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. I just love these two together and I am eager to see them fall in love for real. For them to discover their shared past. They make such a sweet and wonderful pair. OK, kissing a girl while she is sleeping and slightly drunk… feels uncomfortable.

The art is still as fabulous as it always has been. I am a big lover of Naoko Takeuchi’s art, she draws everything so gorgeous, you just want to step in the world.

I am definitely going to continue reading. Not sure if I am in the mood to write a long review for each volume, but I may combine the smaller ones together in the end.

I would recommend this volume and the others and the anime to everyone looking for a great magical girl read with gorgeous art and fabulous characters.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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