Review for Project Z: Attack of the Zombie Zing

Review for Project Z: Attack of the Zombie Zing

The Attack of the Zombie Zing, Cancer, Project Z, Tommy Greenwald, Blue, Jellybeans, 3D Glasses, Cinema, Yellow letters, zombies, friendship, military, multiple POV, humour, funny,The exciting and fun last book in the Project Z series!

It is the end for this series, but how will the author end it? What will happen in this one and what will happen to Arnold. I had so much fun reading this book and while I am sad that it ended I can say that it was a great ending and one I would have probably picked myself had I written the book.

This time we have POVs from Arnold, Evan, and Azalea. We see how life has being going for them since the last book and there is more to come. I loved that this book also has graduation, I love seeing characters grow and find new things. We also have some exciting things and some scarier things (like the military popping up once again, are they good or bad this time?).

Arnold is still having the greatest time of his life. I love seeing how much he grew and how much he learned. He is still a zombie, still a bit awkward at times, but boy this kid grew. He knows more words, he knows what he likes to eat and how to make things with jellybeans, he has a wonderful family, he makes friends easily. I am so happy for Arnold that he was able to integrate in this new world with humans.

Also in the book is cancer. Remember Evan, best friend of Arnold who had cancer when he was a kid? The cancer came back. And my heart just broke, I could so understand the feeling because it hit close to home for me. I don’t know how I would react if cancer would return in my life, but I am sure that I will be like Evan. Afraid to tell people, afraid that if I say it aloud it will be truly real. I was rooting so hard for Evan that he would once again be able to conquer this round of cancer, that he would be able to recover from it. I loved his friends and his family and how sweet they were and how helpful. I loved that many of the kids did those things for Evan.

Azalea makes a comeback as well and those who read my previous review know I was eager to have her back again. I love the girl and I love that she gets a chance to try out life in the real world. With a family that is human. But I could see from early on she didn’t have it easy and I had a suspicion on how things would eventually end. No spoilers from me, but I think most readers will agree. Still I was cheering for her and I loved seeing her change, discover new things, find friends, learn how to live a normal-ish life. I am glad that she also got a chance to do something big, it was a bit scary, but she swept them all of their feet. Go girl!

I didn’t like the drama in the movie theatre. Yes, that happened, yes, it wasn’t OK. But both of them tried their best to have things fixed and all they got was being treated as poop. I hated that. It is really one of the few times that we see that zombie acceptance is still far away.

I wasn’t a fan of Kiki and Ross. Great that you two want to be together, but Ross is just a dick. Yes, he does some things good… but often I was just wondering why she let those things happen and not do anything more than reprimand him. He still makes shitty remarks, he still does some crappy things that NO ONE should ever do. Plus, I did think it was indeed weird that Kiki fell for someone who made her friends life such a hell. Oh well, love makes blind?

I am sad this book is ending, but again, I do love the ending. I will miss the characters, miss seeing them and all the things they experience. I will definitely be re-reading this series in a few years when I don’t remember as much as I do now.

I would also highly recommend the books to everyone.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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