Review for Prom

Review for Prom

Young Adult, Prom, Saundra Mitchell, Bob Martin, Matthew Sklar, Chad Beguelin, Prom Dance, Dance, LGBT, Dual POV, Purple, Two Girls, Coming Out, Backwater Town, Religion, Grandparents, Romance, Two girls who want to go to prom together in a backwater town find trouble and chaos. Sadly, there were also things that were just unbelievable which lessened my liking for the book.

I just love books like this. We don’t have prom here, so I am always looking for books that are about it. And this one was even higher on my OMG list when I found out it was about two sweet girls who wanted to go to the prom together. And the difficulties that followed.

Because this town doesn’t like LGBT people. This town doesn’t want them there. And Emma just wants to go to prom. I could feel that. And I was just heartbroken that all the things that already happened to her (her parents throwing her out of her home, bullying since then) only got worse and worse, and still she wanted to continue, because she also deserves to go to a prom. I just wanted to hug Emma so many times. Because things are hard and they get harder and harder, especially when prom happens and something awful happens. The poor girl completely falls apart and again I just wish I was there so I could hold her. No one deserves the things she went through. No one.

While I knew something was up with those Broadway stars I still enjoyed seeing them around, especially Barry was a favourite of mine. He really helped out Emma, he was there for her, and he made her feel like she wasn’t alone. And I loved that they did everything they could for Emma and the prom. Sure, they had some egotistical reasons, but I know that at least Barry also meant it when he did all the things he did. Of course, I was a bit pissed when things came out. I expected it, but I was hoping it just wouldn’t be true.

I was a big fan of Emma’s grandma who was a kick-ass lady who didn’t take crap from anyone and I loved how she helped out Emma, consulted with her if she really wanted something. She was just the sweetest and I am so happy Emma got to live with her.

I would have loved to see more romance between Alyssa and Emma. Now we have to rely on a lot of memories, and maybe a couple of moments.

I am glad that we saw POVs of both the girls, Alyssa and Emma. I have to say I was pulled more to the Emma POV. I don’t know Alyssa is a sweet girl, but something was just not working with her for me.

I still don’t get why people are afraid or angry at LGBT people. It isn’t a disease, it isn’t something bad, it isn’t contagious. People should really be more open about things, and maybe read the bible a bit better and not just pick out the parts they like or that fit with their ideas.

However, there were at least three things that I found a bit too magical and which is why the book was almost a 4 star, but in the end there was enough to like so 4.5 star. I will put these under spoilers.
That the teens in the school were all very bigoted but when one celebrity talks to them about the bible just once they suddenly open up to everything. Sorry, it just doesn’t go that fast. Believe me.
That the mom from the MC who was still in the closet would be totally OK with her daughter being gay. Or well, much better than anticipated. I don’t believe that in the slightest. I have seen people like that mom and believe me they don’t just go POOF and become slightly more normal people in just a couple of minutes. We do see that she is having a bit of a struggle with it, but that is all. Sorry, not believable.
That in the end Emma makes a vlog about the situation and writes a very sad song and everyone in the school is all OMG EMMA IS AMAZING and we are so so sorry, at least most of the peeps at school did that and it just made my eyes roll. It just felt a bit too magical and a bit too much like oh the ending is coming and I need to make it a happy and glittery one. Sure, I would have liked a happy ending, but this is just not how it works. People who are bigoted don’t just magically change because of a song, or a conversation. It takes time. Talking. Time. More talking. Hope and praying that they will understand.
Believe me, there is a reason why I didn’t come out as Bi until like 2 years ago. I have been grown up religiously (and still am Christian), and while my parents were pretty acceptable at points.. it was also not a situation to come out. Not to mention I don’t know how the church would handle it but given they gave me a big speech about Harry Potter being evil, I think it is best I didn’t explore things too much. So yeah, I just don’t believe these situations would go the way they went.

Now I can hear you say, but Mehsi what about those Broadway stars that coincidentally hit the town. I can believe that, I have seen some stuff in newspapers, mostly from the US though, where this stuff is possible. I don’t know how, but Youtube is a powerful medium that can make stuff happen.

The ending was pretty sweet and I loved that there were second chances for many things (and no I won’t spoil which ones).

I also LOVE LOVE the cover, it is so sweet and I love the purple colour.

All in all, in overall, I loved reading this one, it was a good read. I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

3 thoughts on “Review for Prom

  1. This book sounds sweet, but I have a question if you wouldn’t mind answering… I think this sounds like something my daughter would like to read, but I know some young adult books are less appropriate than others. Would this be appropriate for a 12 year old to read? From reading your post I’m assuming that it is but just wanted to verify before I tried buying it for her. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, I don’t mind answering. I think this would definitely be appropriate for a 12-year old. I hope your daughter likes the book. You’re welcome!

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