Review for Royally Marooned

Review for Royally Marooned

Emma Chase, Royally Marooned, Royally, Royalty, Honeymoon, Romance, Sex, Travelling, Prince, Novella, Short Story, Kiss, Half naked, Bikini, Cute, Adorable, PaparazziA supersweet and very short honeymoon story about a prince and his wife. SO cute!

I was reading some blog posts from friends/people I follow when I bumped against a review for this. I was instantly interested and decided to check out Goodreads where I found out that this one was a free short story. It seemed like you could just read it without having read the story before that, which turned true as I have enjoyed this review while not knowing what went before it.

This is an adorable story about a prince and his wife on a honeymoon and not everything is going right. We see them travel over the world, steal kisses when no one is looking, try to do things at night, as you can read, it wasn’t a honeymoon from anyone’s dreams. I just felt so sorry for them that the paparazzi was being such terrible people. I get that they want pictures, but a honeymoon is such a special time and these two people deserve to have peace and quiet.

Thankfully, the queen, who I loved immediately, calls her son and they have a very nice chat. What comes of that chat was just the best, the sweetest and I was just squeeing in delight. No, I won’t tell you what happens. You will have to read this very short and very sweet story yourself.

As for me? I am definitely going to be reading the first book in the series as I need to know how these two met and see them get together. Eep!

Recommended to all looking for something sweet and cute.

Star rating, 4 stars

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