Review for Thank You, Baked Potato

Review for Thank You, Baked Potato

Matt Lucas, Scott Coello, Thank You Baked Potato, Baked Potato, Corona Virus, Picture Book, Humour, Funny, Based on a song, Picture Book, For a Good Cause, RainbowCome say thank you, baked potato in this fun and educational picture book.

I saw this book by Matt Lucas pop up on my twitter feed and was instantly curious (and not just me but also my hubby). Especially my hubby is a fan as he watched all or almost all the series that Matt Lucas is in.

Apparently it is based on a song, however I have no clue about the song, but probably only the British people know it. 😛 I guess I will have to look it up soon as I am quite curious.

This book is a cute book about a baked potato and how we are all thankful for what he does. He gives us all sorts of wise advice. Like he tells you to only go outside when you need to, to wash your hands, to keep 2 metres distance (which is more than it is in my country), and more. Since I didn’t know the baked potato song, I didn’t know this was going to be a corona-children’s book. But I loved it. It was fun and playful and I am sure that it is great hit with kids.

The illustrations are very fitting with the book, though sorry baked potato, I am hungry and I was thinking of eating you. 😛

I also love that if you buy the book the proceeds go to FeedNHS where they make hot meals for NHS people. Which I just love, what a great initiative.

All in all, a fun read, though maybe not read this one when you are hungry, you may start to crave for baked potatoes.

Star rating, 4 stars

2 thoughts on “Review for Thank You, Baked Potato

  1. Check out the song! Matt Lucas has been doing this as a duet with many different celebs during lockdown. They’re fun to watch, if a little repetitive after a while

    1. Will do! Oh my, different celebrities? Now that sounds fun, I will have to see which ones participated and get a listen.

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