Review for The Revenge of the Invisible Giant

Review for The Revenge of the Invisible Giant

The Revenge of the Invisible Giant, The Dundoodle Mysteries, David O'Connell, Claire Powell, Magic, Mystery, Candy, Friendship, Children's Books, Hands, Boys, Girl, Dog, Humour, Quests, Sweets, Wizards, Witches, Magic, Shape Shifter, Selkie, MermaidCandy, giants, a giant quest, and much more is happening in this delightful third book in the Dundoodle Mystery series.

Archie is back and he is getting more powerful with each book. This time the brownies are teaching him more earth magic so he can become a better wyrdworker, a better guardian. I loved seeing what Archie did and how he tried to make something out of it. I have to say his talents are growing and I am eager for the next book and to see what he learns there.

While I did feel sorry about Archie’s snacks and how they turned out, I was happy that in the end they still had some use for the quests later on. No I won’t tell you how they were used, you will have to read, but I definitely loved the ingenuity of it all. That is a new way to use candy.

It was great meeting new species of magical folk. We meet selkies, tiny little people (and thanks to that we met a great new character which I hope will be joining Archie’s adventures more often), a creepy mermaid, and more. I loved it. Often we just hear about them through Billy and his rating system, but now we actually see them.

We also see Archie’s aunt again, she is up to something again. I am not too happy to see her, but she does make a good villain. There are also other villains and I definitely wasn’t a fan, but that just means that they were written really well.

I loved the spirit oak he got and what he made of it. That is actually freaking awesome and I want one now as well. Wait, on second thought, no thank you. I got a fear of heights. 😛

The quest was fun and I loved the riddles. As I will say in the next part, I knew right away what was going to happen if they finish the quest.

The ending was WOW and OMG! I loved that so much. I would love to say more, but it has to do with giants (as per title) and something else awesome and Archie showing just how fabulous he is going to be if he practises more. Just don’t want to spoil it too much.

There was just one thing I didn’t like and that was how Archie was OBSESSED with the damned book. Boy, I get it, you want to learn fast, you want to be the very best. But come on. There were enough hints and clues that what you were about to do, the quest you take, wasn’t going to have a good ending. Next time maybe listen to your friends? Ignore and don’t do what the spooky voice tells you, and oh yes if it sounds happier because of what you did? Maybe stop doing what you are doing.

As with the other books this one is delightfully illustrated.

All in all, give me more of these mysteries. But, please, let Archie actually have a brain in the next one and take better decisions.
I would recommend this one to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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