Review for #Veryfat #Verybrave

Review for #Veryfat #Verybrave

Nicole Byer, Bikini, Posing, Photographs, Bikini, #bravery, Tips and tricks, Photographs, #Veryfat #verybrave, GuideI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just adore Nicole Byer (Nailed it is just amazing) and I love these books about body positivity. So I had to try out this book, and I can tell you I loved it and will be adding it to my collection when the book releases in May!

This book is about body positivity and then especially doing stuff in a bikini. Nicole can list around 199 things you can do in a bikini and encourages you to add some more. Some of the things include baking bacon (though she recommends not wearing a bikini for that :P), bench-pressing a baby, throwing bags of potatoes in the ocean, and more. I had such a big laugh at this one.
She even includes a guide on finding a special bikini for two occasions and there are plenty of tips on how to overcome and be brave! I loved reading those tips. I am not fat or overweight, but I got enough body issues that I drive my hubby crazy, so I was happy with those tips. I hope I don’t offend someone, given that this book is about fat + bravery and I am in the OK weight range. But yeah, body issues are real. God, I wish I could just love my body. 🙁
She also shares her journey on how she became #brave and #fierce (as I would call her). And then there are questions and tricks. I loved all of it! Especially her specific responses to insults. I am glad I am not the only one responding in that kind of way to people. 😛

And now we are at the photographs. There are A LOT of fun and great photographs of Nicole Byer trying out every and all bikini that she can. In many places. From public to private. Mix and matching, posing, and I loved how much fun she was having doing all this. Her bikinis are awesome! I had a laugh at the captions she put under the photographs (rip pig husband), though at some I was wondering if she was serious or not about what she said there.

All in all, this was a terrific book and I love that Nicole Byer’s voice came out loud and clear while I was reading this. It was as if she was sitting next to me. I would recommend this book to all. Fans of Nicole Byer, people who need more #bravery #bodypositivity.

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