Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 3-5-2020

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 3-5-2020

Afternoon everyone!

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This was quite a week. King’s Day was quite fun and we had quite some laughs about the neighbour behind our house who decorated his entire garden orange and was having tons of fun with his kids and wife and his closest neighbour. Including some upbeat music. 😛 Other than that the week was quite slow and sadly my mental health is getting lower and lower. Thankfully, I am not alone and have my hubby to be there for me. I also baked tons of cookies and a big cake which also helped and made me quite relaxed.
Reading-wise, well I read quite a bit, of course well within the limits I set up so I would make it to June. I definitely had some days that I just needed a good book.

What did I read from my TBR Pile this week? Wow, No Thank You (slow and a bit dragging but still a fantastic read), Fifty Shames of Earl Grey (OMG, this was hilarious and weird), The House of Dead Maids (exciting, scary, and OMG don’t read this at night), Crater Lake (aliens and school trip it was amazing), Rome (pretty nice to read, I can travel this way at least), Buurtpolitie #8 (hilarious and this was one of my favourites in this series).
From my Kindle I read: The Boyfriend (disappointing with too many annoying tropes).

I tried and dropped: Soul Riders (the translation just felt off, and it felt less like a YA and more as an early childrens books), Verleid door de Playboy (the POV just switched in the middle of things. One moment you would be reading it through her eyes, the next sentences would be through his eyes, confusing!).

Here is a new stack with some new library books + some books I got in April + on top are 5 books I want to reread. My Kindle is still pretty much the same, didn’t get to read it a lot this week.

And that is it for this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thanks all for reading. 😍 I hope this coming week will treat you all nice and will feature some great books. Enjoy and stay safe!

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