Teaser Tuesday ~ Project Z: Attack of the Zombie Zing

Teaser Tuesday ~ Project Z: Attack of the Zombie Zing

The Attack of the Zombie Zing, Cancer, Project Z, Tommy Greenwald, Blue, Jellybeans, 3D Glasses, Cinema, Yellow letters, zombies, friendship, military, multiple POV, humour, funny,
I picked a random page and that was page 14 and part of page 15.

Mrs. Frawley, who was observing this whole conversation, leaned over. “Can I give you kids one word of advice?” she asked?
We both nodded.
“Cupcakes,” said Mrs. Frawley, very seriously.
When you said one word, you meant one word, Sarah Anne said.
Mrs. Frawley chuckled. “Well, here’s a second word for you: chocolate cupcakes.”
“What about them?” I asked.
“Nothing cuts through tension like baked goods,” she said, extremely seriously. “If things get tense and it’s like the party’s going south, break out the chocolate cupcakes. Works every time.”

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