Teaser Tuesday ~ The Boyfriend

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Boyfriend

Cheating, Spoiled Brat, Annoying, Disappointing, R.L. Stine, Flower, The Boyfriend, Young Adult, Horror,

I picked a random page in this ebook, sadly, I forgot to remember the page and I don’t have the ebook any more. So it is a real teaser now. 😛

Leaning against a bus-stop post across the street, illuminated by a circle of yellow light from a street lamp behind him, she saw a young man staring at her.
He didn’t move.
She froze.
She recognised the red windbreaker. He had worn it a million times.

2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday ~ The Boyfriend

    1. Sorry to say, no. Most of the book is quite exciting and will have you on the edge and cheering for the guy taking revenge, but the ending ruins it all. 🙁

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