Top 10 Books April 2020

Top 10 Books April 2020

Afternoon all,

Beauty, Nancy Ohlin, Bunnies on the Bus, Hot Milk, Top 10, April

Happy weekend and welcome to a brand-new Top 10 post, this time for April.

Eh, what a month, still stuck at home, still rationing books, still full of anxiety. But I tried to make the best of it with baking, gardening, doing even more sports, and lots of hugging my hubby and cute hamsters when I could. Plus, I love seeing all the trees around me bloom, there is one big tree just outside my garden that has pink blossoms and it is gorgeous.

Like previous month I had to ration my books, libraries are still closed, but this month I did read better books and so no 4.5 stars will be added to the list.

This month I had four 5+ star books and six 5 star books. What a wonderful month it has been!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Lightning, Horror, Silly, Humour, Book Catalogue, Books, Children's Books, Occult, Demons, Devils, Steven Rhodes, Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, Possession, Sacrifices, Witches
The Play of His Life, Amy Aislin, LGBT, Sports, Dual POV, Romance, Man, Cover,
ReviewBunnies on the bus, Philip Ardagh, Ben Mantle, Orange, Bus, Hilarious, Funny, Transport, Animals, Children's Books, Picture Book, Cute, Animals
Snapdragon,Inside of Book, Graphic Novel, Kat Leyh, Children's Book, Magic, Fantasy, Family, LGBT, Witches, Animals, Growing Up, Dogs
Choose Your Own Adventure, Pirates, Blue, Ship, Treasure, Ship, Mermaids, Vampires, Goat, Parrot, Treasure, Humour, Funny, Children's Books, Picture Book, Options, Fantasy, Lily Murray, Stef Murphy
Accidental Harem, Komyushou VS Yuri, Himitsu, Pink, LGBT, Hilarious, Mental Health, Jobs, One-Page Comics, Humour, Funny, Yuri, Girls, Cute
Beauty, Girl, Dress, Rose, Forest, Boarding School, Magic, Fantasy, Rose, Young Adult, Friendship, Abuse,
Fuminonagi, Tabi to Gohan to Shuumatsu Sekai, Maid, Townclock, Dog, Robot, Post-Apocalypse, Manga, Slice of Life, Travelling, Food, Sci-fi
Non-fiction, Comics, Humour, Funny, Hot Milk, Lucie Bryon, Milk Package, Comics,
Crater Lake, Jennifer Killick, Children's book, Horror, Mystery, Alien, School Trip, Lake, Woods, Moon

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    1. Aww, happy to hear you are reading more, I hope you can add some of these fun books to your reading list. Enjoy, thank you for commenting!

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