Top 10 Books May 2020

Top 10 Books May 2020

Morning everyone!!

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Happy Sunday, happy Pentecost (if you celebrate), and welcome to a brand-new shiny Top 10 post, this time featuring books I read in May!

More staying inside this month, but thankfully we had some free days, and libraries are opening their doors again (with restrictions). I love my garden, so happy I spend so much time last year when we moved to make sure I could do the planting this year, I baked cookies (and got a yummy cookie baking book from my hubby), and tried to do some selfcare. All in all, still not a bad month.

This month I still had to ration my books, but given that I had a feeling the libraries would open up again, I wasn’t so strict. If I needed more books for a week, so be it. Better to enjoy them now, I will worry about the rest later.

This month I had one normal 5+ starred book and one re-read (I won’t count this one in my Top 10) and I had sixteen 5 starred books (including 6 re-reads). Quite a few Dutch reads this time round. It was a great reading month!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Short Stories, Ghost: Thirteen Haunting Tales to Tell, Ghost, White, Footsteps, Children's Books, Horror, Fishing, Illustrations, Friendship, Poetry, Library, New House, Ghosts, Dead Things, Basements, Graveyard, Ponds, Dolls, Blaise Hemingway, Jesse Reffsin, Chris Sasaki, Jeff Turley
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Sean Rubin, Bolivar, Humour, Dinosaurs, Obliviousness, Neighbours, Dual POV, Children's Book, Graphic Novel, New York City, New York, Houses, Door, Tail, Head, Girl, Plants, Stairs, Building, Fantasy,
Unfamiliar Familiars, Megan Lynn Kott, Justin DeVine, White, Sloth, Broom, Familiars, Witches, Magic, Humour, Funny, Fantasy, Animals, Guide, Flowchart, Illustrations
I Left The House Today!, Cassandra Calin, Comics, Relationship, University, Romance, Relatable, Non-fiction, Humour, Funny, Gorgeous Art, Autobiography, Door, Red, Girl, Yellow Sweater, Comics
Blue Flag, Vol. 1, Boys, Girl, School, Sakura, Love Quadrangle, Friendship, Gorgeous Art, LGBT, Romance, Contemporary, Manga, Kaito
Color Your World: A Walk on the Beach, Monica Wellington, Beach, Children's Books, Activity Book, Colouring Pages, Fun, Cute, Recipes, Facts, Sandcastles, Non-fiction, Blue, Shells, Girl, Boy, Bucket, Crab, Seagull
Wat niet in de safarigids van je ouders staat, Africa, Safari, Guide, Humour, Non-fiction, Children's Books, Dutch, Animals, Photographs, Facts, Fun, Joukje Akveld
Real Pigeons, Echte Duiven in de nesten, Gier, Vulture, Pigeons, Action, Adventure, Humour, Grappig, Funny, Humor, Andrew McDonald, Ben Wood, Villains, Slechteriken, Friendship, Vriendschap, Short Stories, Illustrations, Children's Books, Kinderboek, Blue, Yellow Letters
Happily Ever After & Everything In Between, Debbie Tung, Non-fiction, bed, sleep, wake, man, woman, romance, husband, wife, cute, humour, funny, comics, relationships

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    1. Thank you, and you’re welcome, hope you found something fun to read in my top 10. Thanks for reading + commenting! 😊

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