Waiting on Wednesday ~ Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters


Happy Wednesday all and a happy welcome to a new Waiting on Wednesday. Today I am eagerly waiting for Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters by Sibéal Pounder!

I was browsing through Amazon when I bumped against the book, because for some reason, despite following the author and checking the twitter of the publisher, I keep missing this series book releases. Of course I pre-ordered it, and now it is waiting for June 11th. Then I can start another fun adventure in this delightful series that is full of humour, mermaids, spies, and magic. It is a book I definitely need in my life right now, I could use something to make me laugh and giggle.

And in this one we meet Sushi Sisters, see Scotland (eep, I so want to visit), meet new mermaids, and come on Hamstars? There better be illustrations for that one as I LOVE hamsters.

Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters, Sibéal Pounder, Jason Cockcroft, Bad Mermaids, Book #4, Mermaids, Magic, Spying, Humour, Sharks, Seahorse, Fourth Wall, Magic, Cover, Yellow, Girls, Jellyfish, OrangeMeri Pebble, professional spy mermaid, has a new mission. She’s going to be a personal assistant to the Sushi Sisters (famous for their notorious appearance on reality TV programme Catwalk Prawn, and for driving around in a submarine shaped like a giant bit of sushi). Beattie, Mimi, Zelda and Steve the talking seahorse are coming along for the ride as the least convincing glam squad ever.

Meanwhile, on land, their human friend Paris is moving from California to a castle in Scotland complete with a loch rumoured to be haunted by a mermaid.

The gang soon realise there’s something o-fish-ally fishy about the Sushi Sisters – but could it lead them all the way to Paris’s loch? And what has the loch got to do with things like mercats and hamstars (half hamster, half starfish)?
Things are getting sea-riously weird in the fourth book in Sibéal Pounder’s Bad Mermaids series!

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    1. I would really recommend the other books in the series as well, they all have such great covers. Haha, I know the feeling~

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