What I Hope to Read June 2020

What I Hope to Read June 2020

Hi all!!

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Welcome to a new What I Hope To Read post, this time for June! Bye May, thank you for everything!

May was a pretty OK month, well, in some points. Mental Health is not going better, if anything just worse. But let’s not make this post gloomy. Let’s see, my garden is blooming and I just love seeing that all the work I put in it over the year has really worked out. My new plants are doing well. We had some free days this month (Liberation day and Ascension day) which I definitely needed, and my hubby and I had a pretty fun days doing some gaming and relaxing. I cannot wait for June, 1st Wedding Anniversary, we can’t ask all our friends/family over, but we did ask if two of our best friends (one was the best man) would like to visit. We will keep 1.5 metre distance of course, but I don’t want to celebrate the day without anyone. Plus, I just cannot eat the whole cake we have left (yes, I love that tradition).

I got 3 pre-orders and 5 books to read.

Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters, Sibéal Pounder, Jason Cockcroft, Bad Mermaids, Book #4, Mermaids, Magic, Spying, Humour, Sharks, Seahorse, Fourth Wall, Magic, Cover, Yellow, Girls, Jellyfish, OrangeJohnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius, Matt Oldfield, Soccer, Football, Children's Books, Illustrations, Humour, Boys, Girl, Sports,Her Lady's Honor, Renée Dahlia, Woman, Couch, Pillows, LGBT, Romance, Historical Fiction, Lipstick, Cover

Donut the Destroyer, Sarah Graley, Blue, Donuts, People, Girl, Fantasy, Children's Books, Humour, Funny, Abilities, Graphic NovelLittle Creeping Things, Chelsea Ichaso, Horror, Dolls, Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Doll, Blue Letters LGBT, Short Stories, Romance, Summer, ALysia Constantine, Julia Ember, Kate Fierro, Jude Sierra, Jen Sternick, Tom WilinskyShort Stuff, Pencils, Colourful,The Junior Witch's Handbook: A Kid's Guide to White Magic, Spells, and Rituals, Non-fiction, Children's Books, Girls, Circle, Book, Plants, Green, Gems, Handbook, Witches, Nikki van de Car, Uta KrogmannLove Creekwood, Simonverse, Love Simon, Yellow, Silhouettes, LGBT, Young Adult, Multiple POV, College, Novella, Romance, Becky Albertalli

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