Book Haul June 2020

Book Haul June 2020

Afternoon all,

Welcome everyone to a new Book Haul this time for the month of June, which just flew by in a flash.

This was a pretty OK-ish month in regards to book-buying. I got some new pre-orders, some books I just had to have. And I am still sad that two books aren’t coming in as Amazon (de/nl) both have issues with the books. For some reason they don’t think they are releases which they have been for a month. As with these posts I only list the physical books I got, but I actually also bought/pre-ordered some Kindle books.

Reading-wise, I haven’t touched any of the books on these stacks. I am saving them for my vacation which is due to start in about 25 days. I need books, especially now that we still can’t do everything (yes, things are open, but I am not going to do all the normal things until there is a vaccine). I will probably just read a whole lot, play games, read some more, enjoy the hopefully sun.

I got 3 pre-orders and 3 books I just needed to have. I am so excited about all these books, but especially Q! Sorry for the blurry pictures, it just didn’t want to go right today. 🙁

Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius by Matt Oldfield
Fabulous Feast by Alex Milway
Bad Mermaids meet the Sushi Sisters by Sibéal Pounder

The Bolds by Julian Clary, David Roberts
The Cat Ate My Gymsuit by Paual Danziger
Q by Christina Dalcher

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