Friday’s Page 69 ~ Deeplight

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Deeplight

Blue, Coral, Sea, Jellyfish, Octopus, Cult, Deeplight, Frances Hardinge, Octopus, Young Adult, Fantasy, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Frankenstein, Heart,
Vyne led the way up a flight of wooden stairs to another door, which she unlocked. Hark followed her into the study.
The room was half the size of the hall downstairs, and far more chaotic. Hark had helped tidy it only three days before, but already it was back to its usual anarchy. By the rosy light from the round window in the ceiling, he could see every trestle table groaning under sprawled heaps of papers, vials, flasks, varnish bottles, and translucent eyes in jars. It always seemed funny that the shrewd, self-possessed doctor should be so incurable messy.

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