Inku Crate Unboxing April 2020

Inku Crate Unboxing April 2020

Afternoon all,

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Welcome all my dear readers to a brand-new post, I hope you all enjoy it, welcome to the unboxing of the Inku Crate. This time for the month April.

What is Inku Crate? Japan Crate, creator of many fun themed boxes like food and make-up comes a brand-new box, Inku Crate! This box contains 6-8 pieces of stationery. From notebooks to stickers to pens to well you get the idea. 😛 I absolutely love stationery (especially pens and stickers), and when I saw this box pop up I knew I had to get this box. Since KiraKira Crate got very disappointing I decided to do a switcharoo and go for this one instead.

Since I thought stationery and books would be a nice match I decided I would be doing an unboxing each month when I got a new crate.

This month I will be sharing two Inku Crates, April and May. Due to Corona the post wasn’t very kind and the boxes had some problems. Therefore instead of getting each box at the respective months I got them just about a week ago. I will be featuring May’s crate next week.

I have to say I am a big big fan of how the Inku Crate box looks, as you can see in the banner, the box has a fun outside that makes it look like a book/notebook, and on the inside the theme continues as we got lines and stars.

Here is an overview of this month’s Inku Crate, after that I will go through the items that I grouped together.

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Next up is the booklet for each month. Each crate has one that features all the items + some fun tidbits, and there is always a contest.

Inku Crate, Stationery, Booklet, Japan Crate

First up, this adorable notebook featuring Eevee (which my husband wanted to steal as he just absolutely adores Eevee) and a tiny notepad. I am definitely going to be using this, though I may just give the Eevee notebook to my hubby for whatever he wants. 🙂

Then we have this cute pen with a tiny little bottle and an eraser with a special extra, it will clean up the shaves of your eraser. I am definitely fan of the pen, it is just so cute, and I love that you can take off the bottle. Oh, and I have to not eat the eraser. It smells like my favourite bubblegum, Bubblicious Bubble Gum Strawberry. 😛

Last we have sweet shiny stickers that I can’t wait to start sticking on everything, design paper/origami paper with cats (awwwwwww), and lastly some washi tape with panda bears on it. I love all three of these items.

And that is it for this month’s Inku Crate Unboxing. This is my very first Inku Crate and I can tell you I am delighted with what is in it. The items are all good quality, very adorable, sweet and shiny, and I can’t wait to use them.

I hope you all enjoyed this new post on my blog, look forward to next week when I will be unboxing May’s crate.

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    1. It is! I would recommend the box (and if you want more cuteness check out their DokiDoki Crate). 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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