Inku Crate Unboxing June 2020

Inku Crate Unboxing June 2020

Afternoon everyone!

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Welcome to a new Inku Crate Unboxing post, this time for June!

It is a bit late, but the box only got in a couple of days ago alongside with July. 😛 You can expect July’s unboxing next week or the week after that.

This month is such a fun box, though given the dinosaur on the cover of the booklet.. I had expected some more dinosaurs. There is only one object that has dinosaurs and while cute and adorable.. I want more stationery featuring them as I just love dinosaurs.

Let’s get to unboxing~ I am sure you all are curious about it.

Here is an overview of the June Crate and after that I will be going through each item (in pairs or trios) and tell you what I thought about them.

Up next is the booklet with all the handy information if you are questioning what you got (sometimes you get a pen but is it a pen or a highlighter or something with glitters?).

Next up we have masking tape featuring a very adorable town and I am already thinking of where to tape that little village. Then we have a sharpener which I didn’t think was very special or fun, but I guess handy for the next items. And then we have my favourite item of this box, dinosaur sticky tapes!!! They are so great.

Then we got some coloured pencils which I liked but was unsure of until I saw the items at the bottom, now I am quite happy about them. And we got a highlighter (with two thicknesses) in one of my favourite colours, yellow, bright yellow that is.

Lastly, a colouring book with Pokemon, but not just any colouring book, this one is black art one. I cannot wait to use the pencils we got and get to colouring. Now I just got to wait until my vacation. And the last item is something I probably won’t use, but which is still nice, a sketchbook! I used to draw, but that was years ago.

And that is the June Inku Crate! In overall I am definitely happy with the contents of this crate. It is not really summer-themed, which is what I was hoping for. Hopefully with July or August it will have some summery items. Also maybe, if you guys want that, I can show some of the colouring pages when I am done with them. Will be posting on Twitter~

Thanks for reading, and until soon (1-2 weeks) when I got the unboxing for July’s crate!

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    1. I know that feeling! It is great that even though it has been around for so long there are still games/tv/movies and merchandise coming out. I just want to send a couple to me when I was a kid. 😊

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